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Beyoncé is getting wrecked in California literally!

Wreck Room – – a place where people come to smash things and get out aggression in California, USA – has been having an overwhelming amount of requests for Beyoncé stickers to be placed on knife throwing targets, bottles, plates, etc. for people to break!

The reason: People in Southern California are still pissed off that she cancelled on California’s Coachella Music Festival. 

The Wreck Room is 45-minutes away from where the festival takes place and people keep coming in wanting to take their anger out on Beyoncé in this safe environment.

A rep. for the Wreck Room tells Shocking News, “Beyoncé stickers and Beyoncé music playing during the ‘rage sessions’ have been the most requested since she cancelled on Coachella. Besides Beyoncé, a lot of people are smashing photos of Trump, Bieber and Taylor Swift.”



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