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Bolivian Rapist and Murderer Buried Alive with Victim

Bolivian villagers where were attending the funeral of 35-year-old Leandra Arias Janco, who was raped and murdered, took the law into their own hands when they took the suspect thought to have committed the crime, tied him up and threw him in the victims grave with her body.

The villagers had suspected that 17-year-old Santos Ramos was responsible for Janco’s rape and murder. To stop police reaching the funeral, residents blocked the road to the community. Santos Ramos had been named by police as a suspect in the rape and murder charge, on Thursday, Prosecutor Jose Luis Barrios stated that the police had identified 17-year-old Santos Ramos was possibly the perpetrator of the vicious attack and murder of 35-year-old Leandra Arias Janco. According to information from an anonymous source, Santos was tied up and when his victim was buried mourners threw him in too.

In many communities in Bolivia communities take on delivering justice themselves, due to wide spread corruption in the police force. As well as the live burial, a suspected theif was stoned to death and his accomplice was burned to death. According to reports the men, had stolen a car and killed its driver. A police officer was also lynched by an angry mob earlier this year, because they confused him with a thief.

Image courtesy of Martha de Jong-Lantink


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