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Scottish knitters cover bollards in Easter bonnets to make people happier

Irving Belin wrote a song that has appeared in numerous Broadway shows and film musicals, whilst it was first performed as far back as 1933, it was in the film which starred Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, shown on television at Easter time, it could be on again this Easter, which brought it to the attention of many millions.

Inventor of the internet Sir Tim Berners-Lee to tackle fake news

Who could be a better person to tackle the scourge of “Fake News” on the internet than the man who invented the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Fake news websites, which are also sometimes referred to as hoax news, try to give the impression that it is real news, often using social media to drive web traffic and amplify their effect. This is, in many cases, used for political gain, accusations in recent times have been the American Presidential election, allegedly by Russia trying to disseminate fake news as part of a broader effort to influence and undermine the election”.

The Nokia 3310 is back complete with Snake!

Another one of the worst kept secrets, certainly in the technology world, was revealed and it is true, the indestructible Nokia 3310 is back with us, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday. Finnish Company HMD hopes that the licensing of the Nokia brand, together with the 3310 will bring in a completely new segment of consumers, and no doubt many seeking the nostalgia of getting the much loved Nokia 3310 back after abandoning it for shiny all singing and dancing smartphones.

Primark removes show’s T-shirts from stores featuring ‘racist’ slogan

It was in the first week in May 2014 that Jeremy Clarkson found himself in hot water yet again, after he was heard allegedly reciting the children’s’ rhyme from early Victorian times that was popularly used to pick a person from a group to perform a task, or be “it” in the game of tag. This rhyme contains a racist word that was commonly used in those times, but today, of course, it is considered to be insulting in the extreme and racist in context.

Sussex school planning to open later because pupils cannot get out of bed

Oh we can hear the choruses of “I just cannot believe it” from parents and particularly the over sixties we imagine, as a school in Blatchington Mill Sussex is asking children if they think it’s a good idea for them to get an extra hour in bed. Well naturally the kids are going to say no we would much rather get to school earlier.

HSBC to move jobs to Europe after Brexit

It should come as no surprise to the financial world that banking giant HSBC has announced that it intends to move many of its staff from London to continental Europe following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union when agreement with the other 27 countries finally becomes a reality.

German doctors advise the public walk the way penguins do when on ice

Bob Lowden, an American music composer, wrote a stirring march called Penguins on Parade, now we are not sure if this inspired a group from the German Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery to advise people to mimic penguins when the footpaths are covered in ice, no we think that there was another very good reason.

Mobile phones could be blocked for use in cars

The mobile phone today is a “must have” item and even in the smallest of towns or villages, it is normal to see a person using one. It was, however, not always this way because it was for use in motor vehicles that he early mobile was first envisaged using radio telephony developed during and shortly after World War2, not the modern cellular network of today.

Study finds that rock music can make men lose at board games

Upon reading the report that was recently published by London’s Imperial College and the Royal College of Music, you might be forgiven for thinking that it was being elitist to suggest that men, and yes it is only men, who lose concentration when listening to rock music, but not classical pieces from someone such as Mozart.

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