Aircraft Suffers Severe Damage After Flying Through Thunderstorm

Jam Press

A pilot was compelled to execute an emergency landing when their aircraft encountered a powerful hailstorm, resulting in substantial damage.

The incident occurred during Volaris flight VOI512, which departed from Tijuana, Mexico, on 12th May with Monterrey as its intended destination. However, as the plane traversed the state of Nuevo León, it encountered an intense thunderstorm.

Terrified passengers were caught on camera, visibly shaken as lightning illuminated the cabin through the windows. The aircraft sustained severe damage, including a shattered windscreen and damage to the nose cone.

With severely limited visibility due to the broken windscreen, the flight crew promptly reported the situation to the air traffic authority, SENEAM, resulting in a rerouting of the flight.

The pilot skillfully redirected the aircraft to Torreón International Airport in Coahuila State, approximately 208 miles away from Monterrey. The A320 passenger aircraft successfully landed in Torreón, and alternative arrangements were made for the passengers to reach their intended destination.

Volaris issued a statement acknowledging the impact of the thunderstorm on several flights.

Local residents expressed their shock and concern about the incident. One individual shared, “This experience has traumatized me, and I don’t think I’ll ever board a plane again. It was truly terrifying.”

Another person commented on the strength of windshields, saying, “I can’t believe windshields are not stronger.”

Speculation arose regarding the cause of the incident, with one individual questioning, “Could it be pilot error for flying into the storm?”

Rex pointed out that aircraft of this nature should be equipped with radar systems to detect storms and avoid them. They also criticized the Monterrey tower for not notifying the pilots of adverse landing conditions prior to descent.

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