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First was fake Apple store now fake Ikea store?

After fake Apple stores in China, one furniture store is found with an uncanny resemblance to Ikea.

The world capital of knock offs could be Kunming in the southwest corner of China, after a travel writer found a fake Apple store in the area, further investigations by Apple found four more. Now it seems that the famous Swedish furniture company Ikea may also have been copied.

On the outside the store called 11 Furniture looks like any other building and not at all like an Ikea store however inside you will be able to notice striking resemblances. You will find Ikea’s blue-and-yellow colour scheme, mock-up rooms, miniature pencils, signage and even its rocking chair designs as well as the company’s signature its cafeteria-style restaurant, complete with minimalist wooden tables.  Although the menu does vary from Ikea’s Swedish meatballs and salmon, serving Chinese-style braised minced pork and eggs.

Although it seems the store is not directly selling itself as an Ikea store a lot of the branding and styling seems to be a very close match. The name of the store in Chinese is ‘Shi Yi Jia Ju’ sounds very much like Ikea’s Chinese name ‘Yi Jia Jia Ju’. However there are some differences at 11 Furniture store the furniture sold is made to order, not flat pack like Ikea, plus some customers have also noted that at the real Ikea, the layout is much neater and the decorations are laid out properly.

In a statement, Ikea explained that it is consulting with lawyers over the matter. It said: “Inter IKEA Systems B.V, the worldwide franchisor and owner of the IKEA Concept, sees it as very important to protect the intellectual property rights. We have reported it to Inter IKEA Systems B.V and they are dealing with this matter together with their legal counsel. The best thing we can do to prevent such stores from opening up in the future is to open more stores and make the IKEA products available to more people.”

Most of the Ikea stores in China are in the wealthier coastal and southern cities and not in areas such as Kunming.



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