Mischievous Bear Caught Red-Handed Stealing Food from Car, Crafty Stool and All

Jam Press Vid/Colorado Parks and Wildlife

A mischievous bear has been captured on video, caught in the act of stealing food from a parked car, displaying its resourcefulness by fashioning a makeshift stool to facilitate its access to the vehicle.

The incident took place in Colorado, USA, where the bear was spotted sniffing around a stationary truck. With a keen sense of smell, it zeroed in on a tempting prize visible through the rear left passenger window.

Demonstrating its cleverness, the bear skillfully pulled open the door using the handle and proceeded to retrieve a cooler. Employing the cooler as a stepping stool, it managed to climb inside the car and seize a bag of picnic food.

With its loot secured, the bear disappeared into the nearby woods, leaving behind a bewildered onlooker.

The video, shared on Facebook, has garnered significant attention, amassing 29,000 views and sparking an influx of comments from amused viewers.

Charles Gresh praised the bear’s intelligence, noting, “I like how he checked to make sure there were no humans in the truck first and then used the cooler as a stepping stool to get in to find the food. That is a clever bear.”

Dan Partch chimed in with a humorous remark, “Apparently, bears like carry-out food too.”

Vicki Lynn Landers shared her experiences, saying, “They know how to open anything. Even doors in houses. Sneaky big guys. Every kind of door, my daughter says.”

Carol Kirkley drew a parallel to human behavior, stating, “I like it that he used the cooler for a step stool. This looks more like human activity, stealing the purse/backpack!”

Renee Scott expressed admiration, exclaiming, “So smart!”

In response to the incident, the local parks and wildlife department issued a reminder for people to lock their car doors as a precautionary measure. They emphasized that bears should not be relying on human-provided food sources, such as trash receptacles or bird feeders. By altering their habits and adopting a bear-aware approach, people can contribute to mitigating bear encounters and conflicts.

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