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Half of Brits think that Fashion Week is more like a Freak Show

Fashion Weeks are held in a number of major cities across the world, with designers show casing their latest designs, but it seems like the general public feel that they are more like freak shows than fashion shows.

To find out what the public really thought about the fashion industry’s leading shows an online voucher code website surveyed over 2,000 men and women, and found that 50% of Brits thought that fashion shows felt more like freak shows and that only 26% paid any attention to the fashion styles on offer.

My Voucher Codes surveyed 2,568 men and women over the age of 18, asking them what they thought about Fashion Week. First they asked, “Do you pay any attention to fashion week?” to which 71% said they did not. 26% of those surveyed said that they did pay attention to Fashion Week, with an additional 3% saying that they did follow it but only to mock the clothes.

They then asked, “Does fashion week make any difference to your clothing choices?” only 7% of men and 15% of women felt that Fashion Week influenced their clothing choices.

Finally My Voucher Codes asked participants “Do you think fashion week is more like a freak show than a fashion show?” They found that:

  • 50% feel Fashion week is more like a Freak Show
  • 40% feel Fashion week is more like a Fashion Show
  • 10% of people feel Fashion week represents:
    • Art Show
    • Poor reflection of human nature
    • Consumerist indoctrination
    • Not a true reflection of wearable clothes
    • Unflattering and unattainable to women

As part of their research into Fashion week, My Voucher Codes also illustrated some of the more outlandish fashions in this infographic:

Speaking about the study, founder of MyVoucherCodes Mark Pearson said:

“Twice a year, millions of pounds are spent hosting Fashion Week, we see designer brands gather from around the world, showcasing their designs to a gaggle of socialites and press. However the majority of the general public, don’t actually seem to care that much on what happens. And it seems, it has very little effect on what they purchase on the high street. “

He added:

“Judging from some of the crazy creations we have seen in the past, it’s not surprising that some people consider these fashion shows to be more like freak shows. Our infographic shows some crazy designs that we really hope won’t be making it to the high street, let alone into people’s wardrobes. So we have to ask the question; do we really need this circus?”

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