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Hero cat saves four year old boy from horrifying dog attack

The astonishing video (below) shows the moment that a family’s pet cat came to the rescue of a 4 year old boy after he was attacked by a vicious neighbour’s dog.

The boy, called Jeremy Triantafilo was playing happily on his bike outside his home in Bakersfield, California on Tuesday when the attack happened. A neighbour’s dog escaped through an open gate and crept up to the unsuspecting boy before attacking him.

Surveillance footage caught by the family’s home security system was uploaded to YouTube by the boy’s father and shows the boy being grabbed by the leg and being dragged along the ground before Tara, the family’s cat comes to the rescue.


The fearless feline jumps onto the dog pushing it away from the boy, before chasing it away from the scene. After making sure that the dog had left the scene, Tara returns to Jeremy, who is being comforted by his mother.

Here is the astonishing video (warning graphic content):

Jeremy needed 10 stiches in his leg but is otherwise fine, his family are said to be relieved that it wasn’t any worse and are praising Tara for being a hero cat. Jeremy told reporters, “’Tara is my hero,” adding that she saved him from “a mean dog – I got an owie!”

The dog was caught by Bakersfield Animal Control where it continued to be aggressive so had to be euthanized.

Jeremy’s father, Roger posted the video on YouTube with a caption reading, “My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage, thankfully, my son is fine!”

The boy’s mother Erica wrote on her Facebook page, “We aren’t upset with our neighbours, we’re just thankful our son wasn’t injured more… Our cat is my hero!”

The Triantafilo Family

The Triantafilo Family


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