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Man miraculously survives after driving car off 80ft cliff

An unidentified man miraculously survived after losing control of his car on the A259 and driving off an 80ft cliff. The incident happened on Sunday morning and investigators said that the man survived the drop because the car cleared the promenade below the cliff and landed on the water.

22 emergency response workers attended the scene to find the driver had climbed out of the car and made it to nearby rocks; he did not sustain any serious injuries.

Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp tweeted out after the event, saying, “Incredibly a man escaped without serious injury after his car went over the cliff near Roedean just after midnight and ended up in the sea.”

A Newhaven Coastguard said that emergency crews used ladders and ropes to rescue the driver, he said, “A second ladder was installed to use as a slipway and the casualty was secured into Newhaven Coastguard’s rescue stretcher and then using some of our cliff rescue equipment we were able to slide the stretcher up the ladders,”

“With nine members of various agencies on the three ropes and two of the Newhaven team at the top of the ladder we were able to bring the casualty up from the beach where they were handed into the care of paramedics.

“All the time the recovery operation was ongoing a member of the Brighton lifeboat crew who had swum ashore in a dry suit was inspecting the vehicle to check for any secondary casualties.”

Police are still investigating the incident.


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