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Man Sick of Christmas Shopping with Girlfriend Kills Himself in Shopping Mall

It’s not known to be the favourite past time of most men, however I doubt many would actually kill themselves whilst out shopping with their girlfriend, it isn’t that bad is it? Well for one Chinese man he had enough of shopping and instead just going back to the car or home or leaving her to it, he instead threw himself off a balcony.

Man-jumps-to-death-shopping3The situation arose when 38-year-old Tao Hsiao had been accompanying his girlfriend shopping and she decided that after five hours she just had to go into one more shop because there was an offer on. This resulted in a heated argument between the pair, witnessed by a number of shoppers, where Tao was heard to say that she ‘already had enough shoes, more shoes that she could wear in a lifetime and it was pointless buying any more.’ This resulted in his girlfriend accusing him of ‘being a skinflint and of spoiling Christmas.’

It was then Tao, flung all the bags of shopping he was carrying on the floor then threw himself over the seventh floor railings to his death. He smashed through Christmas decorations, fell onto a stall below on the lower floor and then fell to the ground, dying on impact. Luckily, landing on a stall meant that he didn’t hit and injure/kill anyone else. Emergency services arrived soon after and took poor Taos body away.

A cosmetic sales woman who nearby when the incident said: “It was the weekend, so there were lots of mall-goers. I heard a ‘bang’ and then I heard people shouting that someone had jumped. I turned my head and I saw a man lying on the ground, totally motionless.”



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