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Men in rural Brazil have sex with animals

Study finds that in rural Brazil 35% of men has had sex with an animal

A study conducted on 492 Brazilian men who were aged between 18 and 80 found that 35% of them have had sex with an animal. The men questioned were from rural Brazil and researchers also found that 118 of them were penile cancer patients. Some of the animals the men had sex with included mares, cows, pigs and chickens.

Those who admitted to having sex with animals reported a variety of frequencies for their sex acts, ranging from monthly to daily, 59 per cent of men who had sex with animals had done so 59 per cent of men who had sex with animals. 21 per cent of those asked had continued to have sex with animals for over five years.

The term used to describe the odd behaviour of having sex with animals is call zoophilia in some countries it is not outlawed, however in most countries it is illegal under animal abuse laws.

Researchers found that zoophilia could be linked to penile cancer however they found no association between penile cancer and the number of animals the men had “used,” or a link between penile cancer and the species of the animals. The research which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine states that sex with animals causes penile cancer, only that sex with animals “SWA” was associated with the malignancy.

Stenio de Cassio Zequi, an urologist in Sao Paolo, told LiveScience: “We think that the intense and long-term SWA practice could produce micro-traumas in the human penile tissue. The genital mucous membranes of animals could have different characteristics from human genitalia, and the animals’ secretions are probably different from human fluids. Perhaps animal tissues are less soft than ours, and non-human secretions would be toxic for us.”

Back to zoophilia, another study published in 2003 which looked at 114 zoophiles in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Europe found that 36 per cent lived in large cities and 83 per cent had completed at least some college and some even reported high incomes.

picture courtesy of Svadilfari


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