Woman Who Married Rag Doll Alleges Cheating Again – Takes Away His ‘Appendage’

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Meirivone Rocha Moraes, who gained attention for her unconventional marriage to a rag doll crafted by her mother, claims that her partner has once again cheated on her, leaving her so upset that she removed his “appendage”.

Over the past few years, Meirivone has openly shared details about her relationship with the inanimate object.

Following the alleged infidelity, the 37-year-old asserts that her partner is now relegated to sleeping on the sofa.

“I discovered the cheating when a friend messaged me one evening to inform me about it,” Meirivone shared with NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“As a result, I became extremely upset and made him sleep on the couch that night.”

As a punishment, Meirivone, hailing from Brazil, decided to detach Marcelo’s rubber dildo.

She explained, “It is simply a white rubber dildo measuring about 16cm, so I decided to remove it.

“I have done this before. I fear that other women may touch Marcelo’s ‘appendage’, so I prefer to keep it in the underwear drawer when we go out to bars or events.

“This way, there is no chance of any other women lusting after him.”

Meirivone alleges that Marcelo has cheated on her in the past as well.

She recounted, “The last time, I discovered a bright pink thong on the floor. When I asked about it, Marcelo didn’t answer me, and I found out he had been with another woman.

“Marcelo is mischievous; he pursues other women and then lies to me, claiming that nothing has happened.”

She also claims that the rag doll has over 500 contacts on his WhatsApp, all of whom are women.

“Occasionally, I catch him engaging in conversations with girls, and when I inquire about it, he tries to pass them off as his cousins,” Meirivone added.

For the time being, Marcelo continues to sleep on the sofa and has not yet had his appendage returned to him.

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