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Oversharing Couples – Brits share toothbrushes

Research from revealed that British couples are oversharing when it comes to their bathroom habits. It found that one in four couples admitting that they currently share a toothbrush. This may explain why we are universally known for having bad teeth!

However it’s not just a toothbrush couples are sharing it’s also razors as well, with one a five using their partners razor. The research which found these slightly unhygienic results was conducted to find out the bathroom habits of people from around the UK. UK Bathrooms asked 1,922 adult men and women in cohabiting relationships questions about sharing bathroom with their other half as well as sharing toiletries.

They were asked “Do you ever share bathroom time with your other half?” Which 82% said that they did. They asked if they shared a toothbrush and 26% of respondents did with 70% of them stating that they didn’t see it as ‘unhygienic.’ Plus, 56% claimed that they had shared the same toothbrush for more than a year.

Other interesting results also came from the research including: 62% of those asked, shower whilst their other half was in the bathroom with them. Not only that, but 41%, admitted that they ‘used the loo’ whilst their other half was in the bathroom with them. The figures showed that men were the main offenders of using the toilet whilst their partner was in the bathroom with 53% stating so. 61% who do use the loo in front of their partner stated that it took them ‘over a year’ to feel comfortable doing so.

The research also asked men if they used their partners’ toiletries without their knowledge, it turns out 81% do. The main toiletries men like to ‘borrow’ from their unsuspecting partners is:

1) Body lotion – 37%

2) Wax/Hair removal cream- 31%

3) Face moisturiser- 25%

4) Face mask- 22%

5) Special shampoo/ conditioner-19%

However many men preferred that their partner not find out what they use because they were afraid they would be teased with 65% of men saying that why they keep it secret.

Peter Gregg, Director of, had the following to say about the results:

“We Brits are a nation of loved-up oversharers, apparently, and many are more than happy to share their homes and more with their other half! Whilst it’s nice to be ‘close’ as a couple, sharing a toothbrush can be considered pretty unhygienic; and sharing a razor is certainly testament to a very close relationship.

“We really wanted to look into how cohabiting couples approach their bathroom habits, and to see so much sharing going on was heart-warming, if not a little disgusting at times! Whatever your sharing habits, I’d always suggest forking out a little extra for separate toothbrushes. You may share your lives, but you don’t have to share your tooth decay!”

Image courtesy of Wade Brooks



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