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Shopper finds £11,000 of cocaine in his Nesquik

He went out in all innocence to get himself a few things from his local supermarket Zaragoza in north-east Spain including Nesquik, but he soon found out that he got much more than a popular Nestle product, he found a cool stash of cocaine! Fortunately for the shocked shopper, the class ‘A’ narcotic was not mixed in with the instant milkshake! What he did notice was that the lid of the large tub of Nesquik which he had bought appeared to be not snugly fitted, for a very good reason which became apparent when he opened the product. He soon found that there hidden among the sugary chocolate powder, was a 250g packet of the Class ‘A’ narcotic.

Now we cannot give the name of the gentleman out for the very good reason that somewhere on the Iberian Peninsula, there will be a very angry drug dealer that has realised that his mule has botched things up and will no doubt be anxious for retribution. Naturally the Spanish police have opened an investigation, what they have found is that the product left the factory completely intact, so it must have been tampered with at the supermarket.  Unfortunately for the police, although there are CCTV cameras in store, would you believe there are none down the aisle where the Nesquik is on sale! Could that be why the mule planted the cocaine in the tub of Nesquik, wow we think we have got it!

Well the story does not end there we hear, the man who bought the Nesquik is a bit “miffed” and plans to sue the supermarket. As you can imagine the story has gone pretty viral in Spain and although our shopper is very keen to remain anonymous his lawyer has said that his client has suffered a “lack of empathy” over the situation, if he continues with the law suit, how long he will remain so one wonders!

Spain, of course has close connections with Latin America which is where cocaine is produced and it is a good entry point for Europe. The drug has been found numerous times in some very odd places for example found inside pineapples, stuffed into crates of bananas and only this week it was reported to have turned up in a box of frozen chickens! Well in light of that, when I next go to Spain, I will stick to the “Brocheta de Langostinos” thank you.



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