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Sussex school planning to open later because pupils cannot get out of bed

Oh we can hear the choruses of “I just cannot believe it” from parents and particularly the over sixties we imagine, as a school in Blatchington Mill Sussex is asking children if they think it’s a good idea for them to get an extra hour in bed. Well naturally the kids are going to say no we would much rather get to school earlier.

Hang on a minute, there was a snippet in the news feed that might put a different aspect on the story perhaps, in this the school has said that that starting at 9.25am will boost pupils’ concentration and help Staff. Ah help staff, is that what this is about and in what way we wonder, is it them that are having difficulty getting to school on time, surely not.

Anyway parents and pupils are being consulted on the move that would see them finish at 4pm instead of 3pm. Well for many oldies they would probably ask “when did they change the finishing time from 4pm to 3pm”?

Commenting on the proposal Headteacher Ashley Harrold said ‘With everything we do in school we want to take an approach of looking at research to see how to do things better for young people and families and then implement this in the school.

As you may expect, the suggestion has gone pretty viral and not gone down particularly well, one person in response to the story has suggested that: “School should start at 8am sharp and finish at 13:30-14:00 then children can have time in the afternoon for homework an extra activities football swimming karate whatever”. Another suggested that it was pretty pathetic, cannot get out of bed really.

We have to ask what sort of message this sends out to our young of today, do they honestly imagine that when they eventually take a job, the boss is going to be happy with them starting at 9.30am when everyone else is in for 8am, no we don’t think so somehow. The whole idea is a complete non-starter, or is it, what do you think.



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