Captivating Green Flash of Light Illuminates Sunset

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A mesmerizing green flash of light has left onlookers amazed as it appeared above a stunning sunset.

This optical phenomenon occurs when the sun sets over a flat surface, such as a calm sea. During this moment, the sun’s last rays undergo significant refraction in the lower atmosphere, causing only green and yellow hues to reach the observer’s eyes.

This meteorological spectacle happens in an instant as the upper part of the sun dips below the horizon. Capturing a green ray in photographs is challenging due to its brief visibility and the specific meteorological conditions required for observation.

Green flashes, also known as green rays, gained popularity following their portrayal in French writer Jules Verne’s 1882 novel, “The Green Ray.”

Amateur meteorologist Roger P. Frey managed to capture the green flash from his residence on La Palma in the Canary Islands on 30th May, labeling it as “the best green ray of my life.”

Roger shared, “The photos were taken from Tacande towards Tazacorte with a Canon Powershot SH60 HS camera. After capturing the sunset, I was about to head inside when I noticed a cloudless horizon, which made me believe a green flash was possible. I was amazed by the extended duration and width of the phenomenon. I have captured numerous pictures of green flashes before.”

Roger also snapped a sequence of six photos that captured the final moments of the setting sun. The sequence spanned just over one second.

He advised aspiring photographers, “Be prepared if you want to capture a green ray.”

The sighting left locals in awe, with one individual exclaiming, “Roger, this is my first time witnessing such a phenomenon. I’ve never seen one before.”

Others chimed in, with Ursula stating, “Very impressive,” and Cecilia remarking, “We live in a magical paradise.”

Anne expressed her astonishment, saying, “Crazy. How beautiful,” while Cely simply described it as “spectacular.”

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