Criticism aimed at children’s book on David Hockney for emphasizing his sexuality over artwork

Story from Jam Press (Kids Book Criticised) Pictured: The Big Dreams David Hockney book.

Parents have criticised a children’s book about artist David Hockney for focusing on his sexuality over his artwork. The book is a 32-page hardback, suitable for children aged four to seven years, and is part of a series called “Little People, Big Dreams”, which features famous figures like King Charles, Coco Chanel, and Lewis Hamilton. The recent edition, released this month, is about the 85-year-old painter from Bradford, famed for his contribution to the pop art movement of the 1960s. However, some parents criticised the book for its focus on his sexuality.

One mum, Angelica, said that she wasn’t expecting the book to be about gay people and choosing who to love. She was just thinking it would be about someone with career talent. Another parent noted that the book was part of a biography series for children aged four to seven but still mentions that the artist is gay. The parent was less on board when they got to a particular sentence about Hockney wanting to express his sexuality in his paintings through self-portraiture.

However, some parents had a different opinion. Karri Russell said she loved the book and found it good to read to young children, so they know they can be whatever they dream to be. Some parents believe that the book should have been more focused on Hockney’s artistic accomplishments rather than his personal life choices.

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