Future of Jobs: Almost 50% of workplace skills will change within 5 years

London, 3rd May – The World Economic Forum (WEF) has predicted that 44 per cent of worker’s core skills will change in the next five years, with analytical thinking, creative thinking, AI and big data set to become the most in-demand skills. 

According to the WEF’s Future of Jobs 2023 report, 60 per cent of workers will require re-skilling and re-training by 2027 to adapt to the evolving job landscape, although it’s expected that only half of workers currently have access to sufficient training. 

Analytical thinking and critical thinking are seen as the most essential skills in the current day workplace while technological literacy, systems thinking, and AI and big data are among skills on the rise over the coming years. 

Leadership, social influence, curiosity and lifelong learning were also among skills growing in demand as the workplace continues to adapt to changing employee and customer expectations. 

Joanna Reynolds, Managing Director for Bordeaux & Burgundy, commented: “Evolving ways of working are increasingly resulting in core skills such as creative thinking, technological literacy and talent management coming together as part of creating efficient outcomes for businesses and their staff. It’s no surprise to see tech skills on the rise as part of the World Economic Forum’s research but it is important that this is counterbalanced by softer human skills such as creativity, empathy and leadership in order to help staff to get the most out of technology.”  

“Training and reskilling opportunities will be an important driver over the coming years as the rise of tech tools including AI becomes more prominent – the key is to empower staff with these tools, and the skills to use them, to maximise how technology can boost productivity and efficiency. This forms part of the wider company culture around themes such as talent management, supporting staff with their personal development to boost retention and employee satisfaction.”  

As part of preparing for new workplace demands, 82 per cent of businesses are planning to invest in training to upskill and reskill staff through on the job training as well as internal and external programmes. 

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