Herringbone Kitchens Announces Rebrand 

The award winning, family run cabinet and furniture maker announces its rebranding to Herringbone to more accurately showcase their key offering of being a manufacturer of kitchens, furniture and full joinery projects. 

Today Herringbone Kitchens, announces that the company has rebranded to simply Herringbone. The company has long been designing and making much more than kitchens and have therefore decided to drop the “Kitchens” to more accurately showcase upfront that they also actively work on anything from designing tables, wardrobes, bathroom storage, beds, dressers, utility rooms, entertainment units, boot rooms and so much more.  

Herringbone always strives to make the customer process as easy, straightforward and smooth as possible. In true Herringbone style they continue to be a progressive family run business who moves with the times, listens to what customers want and are the forefront of progressing the industry. Full joinery projects are frequently being created as clients see the benefits of a bespoke and streamlined feel throughout their home. Everything Herringbone makes is handcrafted by their skilled craftsmen in their workshop in Canterbury. 

Every design is still bespoke 

Herringbone pride themselves on employing the best local craftsmen to offer the best possible bespoke projects and products of the highest quality and this will continue to be the case. The company has gone from strength to strength in the 9 years since William Durrant started the business. They expanded the workshop in 2021, bringing in the highest tech to help the cutting process with a CNC machine. They announced their own paint range in 2022, Herringbone Paints, with more than 18 colours to choose from and with custom-made colours available for clients. What’s more is that full joinery projects increased by 35% in 2022 too, which has seen Herringbone make bespoke furniture for every room in the house. 

William Durrant, owner of Herringbone said: “It’s incredibly exciting for us, as a small company, to be able to fully embrace our full offering by rebranding to simply Herringbone. We’ve called ourselves Herringbone for so long but to be able to show our customers and the industry that we’ve expanded into a company that offers the full deed is a very proud moment. To be able to do this without compromising on our design, craftmanship and environmental ethos is something that we are thrilled about.” 

The rebranding follows Herringbone’s environmental ethos promise 

As part of the company’s ethos Herringbone has made a conscious decision from the beginning to only use sustainably sourced materials, make each design in the UK in their Canterbury-based workshop, use water-based low VOC paint as part of their Herringbone Paints range and dedicate a tree to the National Forest for each project made.  

These are all small, but important, things Herringbone does to reduce our impact on the environment.  

This rebranding continues to be part of that promise and commitment. This again is very rare in this industry and while it is never an easy option, it stays true to the ethos.  

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