Narrow Escape for 22-Year-Old Man Who Swallowed Dentures, Ending Up Near Lung

Story from Jam Press (Dentures In Lung)Pictured: The silver row of false teeth.Man, 22, gets dentures stuck near LUNG after accidentally swallowing themA man miraculously escaped death after swallowing his dentures.The 22-year-old had been wearing the silver row of false teeth when he had an epileptic episode.He sought medical help after experiencing coughing and heavy wheezing.X-ray scans revealed the 4cm accessory had become wedged in the airway to his lung.Doctors rushed the unnamed man for bronchoscopy in a bid to remove the object.A flexible tube was fed down the man’s throat eventually dislodging the dental accessory from the lung airway.The patient, from Wisconsin, US, experienced bronchospasm – where muscles in the lung airway tighten – from the operation.He was given steroid treatment before being discharged.The findings were published in Cureus medical journal.ENDS

A 22-year-old man had a fortunate escape after accidentally swallowing his dentures, narrowly avoiding a life-threatening situation.

The young man, who wore a set of silver false teeth, experienced an epileptic episode, leading to an unexpected turn of events. Following the incident, he began to cough and wheeze heavily, prompting him to seek medical assistance.

Upon conducting X-ray scans, healthcare professionals made a startling discovery – the dentures, measuring 4cm, had become lodged in the airway leading to his lung. Urgent action was required to remove the foreign object.

Doctors promptly performed a bronchoscopy, a procedure that involves inserting a flexible tube down the patient’s throat. Through careful maneuvering, the dental accessory was successfully dislodged from the lung airway.

During the operation, the patient, hailing from Wisconsin, United States, experienced bronchospasm, a tightening of the muscles in the lung airway. To alleviate this complication, the man received steroid treatment before eventually being discharged.

The details of this incident were documented in the Cureus medical journal.

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