Startled Man Discovers Enormous Snake Coiled Inside Bird Nesting Box

Jam Press/@Marty_the_Cat

A man was left startled when he made a surprising discovery inside his bird nesting box—a massive snake. Instead of finding the anticipated chirping bluebirds, the man found the snake nestled comfortably inside the box, having devoured all the bird inhabitants.

The man, identified as Marty from Delaware, US, shared a chilling snapshot of the encounter online, showcasing the smug snake basking in the warmth of the nesting box after its feast.

Marty lamented, “When I opened the door to my bluebird nesting box to check on the growth of the baby birds, I found this snake inside. It had devoured all my birds.”

He identified the intruder as a black rat snake, a species known to grow up to six feet in length.

The post quickly amassed over 70,000 reactions and garnered thousands of comments from shocked viewers.

One commenter quipped, “Seems like you inadvertently created a bed and breakfast for snakes.”

Observing the snake’s demeanor in the photo, another user noted, “That snake doesn’t seem the least bit remorseful.”

Expressing their own fear, a commenter shared, “As someone with an extreme snake phobia, this is a genuine nightmare, haha.”

Looking on the brighter side, another person suggested, “On the upside… you have a new pet snake now. And it already knows its preferred food.”

Making light of the situation, someone remarked, “Well, it seems like you unintentionally set up a tempting trap.”