Tragedy Strikes as Woman Dies During Liposuction Procedure and Surgeon Flees

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A devastating incident unfolded during a liposuction operation as a mother of five lost her life, while one of the surgeons involved has gone on the run, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions.

Georgina Nayeli, aged 33, had opted for liposuction on 12 different areas of her body, investing £2,290 (MXN 50,000) into the procedure. However, the operation took a fatal turn, and Georgina tragically passed away in the clinic on May 24th.

Family members of the deceased have made shocking allegations, claiming that the plastic surgeons responsible had presented falsified documents. According to Georgina’s grieving relatives, she initially consulted with surgeons Kevin Ángeles Hernández and Jorge ‘V’ at a private clinic in Zapopan, located northwest of Mexico City, Mexico.

However, just one day before the scheduled operation, she was informed that the procedure would be moved to another clinic in Tepatitlán de Morelos. Georgina’s niece, Rosalva Alejandra Guzmán, expressed her concerns, stating, “Zapopan was where they did the consultation and everything. But then, they sent her to another place claiming that the equipment was damaged.”

Describing the new location, Guzmán revealed that it resembled an old house with small rooms serving as makeshift offices. Shockingly, there was a lack of medical equipment, including basic essentials such as lamps. Guzmán continued, “There was not even medical equipment, no lamps, nothing.”

The family believes that complications arose during the procedure, as Georgina’s condition deteriorated. Guzmán explained, “They claimed that the anesthesia had worn off, but it wasn’t the case. She encountered a problem, yet they continued the operation under those circumstances.”

Georgina’s grieving mother, Antonia Ruezga, made disturbing allegations, stating, “They presented fake documents. My daughter trusted them, and unfortunately, it cost her life.”

A friend of the victim, Fer González, disclosed that the surgeons informed her that the change in location was due to damaged oxygen tanks. Upon arriving at the new facility, both González and Georgina were told that the latter would not be fully anesthetized and would be able to walk out after the procedure.

On the day of the tragic incident, the police apprehended Jorge near the victim’s body as he attempted to discreetly arrange for its removal from the old house. However, the other surgeon involved and his sister, Jennifer Ángeles Hernández, who served as an assistant under the name Astrid, were not present. The two suspects allegedly fled through a skylight and are currently evading authorities.

In response to the family’s complaint, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has initiated an investigation into the matter. As the police probe continues, the victim’s family seeks justice for Georgina’s untimely demise.

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