Two-year-old boy killed by family’s German Shepherd dog

Story from Jam Press (Dog Kills Boy) Pictured: Two-year-old, Dexter Yael.

A family’s pet dog has mauled to death their two-year-old boy. The German Shepherd, Tayler, latched onto Dexter Yael’s neck after he stumbled on top of the dog, according to relatives. Dexter’s mother, Yojebeth Guevara, was injured while trying to protect her son from the attack. Dexter was his father’s only child, although he does raise his wife’s two children from a previous relationship as his own. The attack took place at their home in San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica on 1 May.

Dexter passed away from his injuries at the Hospital Dr Fernando Escalante Pradilla. During the attack, the boy’s mother suffered several bites while trying to get the animal to release her son. An uncle and two neighbours were also bitten while trying to pull the dog away. A neighbour called Óscar Rodríguez was eventually able to drag the German Shepherd off the boy.

The family dog was well looked after and had plenty of space to move around the property, according to Rubén Rodríguez, president of the Canine Federation of Costa Rica. The National Animal Health Service has seized the animal, which will decide on its fate in the coming days.

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