Woman falls for man almost double her age while tattooing him

Story from Jam Press (Age Gap Couple) Pictured: Andrew and Alexandra.

A heartwarming love story has recently emerged, detailing how a woman fell for a man almost twice her age. Alexandra Cornish, who is 24 years old, met Andrew Chan, aged 46, in February 2022 while he was travelling in Sydney. Andrew was searching for a tattoo artist when he stumbled across the tattoo parlour where Alexandra was working. Despite their significant age gap, the pair connected instantly and hit it off.

Alexandra revealed that the attraction between them was undeniable, to the point where she tattooed him for longer than necessary just so that they could continue talking. Andrew even asked for more ink to be added to his tattoo so that the conversation could continue.

The couple went on their first date for lunch just a few days later, describing the encounter as having “intense chemistry” and spending hours chatting. They have since been together and have even started filming TikTok videos together, which have gained hundreds of thousands of views. In one video titled “He definitely doesn’t look it,” the couple flaunt their age difference, attracting negative comments from trolls.

Despite the criticism they have received, the couple has chosen to focus on their relationship and not let their age difference come between them. Alexandra stated that when they are out in public, they attract stares, but they have learned to ignore them. She added that people who know Andrew often assume he is younger than his age, making their age difference appear less significant.

Alexandra revealed that Andrew’s parents also had a large age gap, which made the couple’s relationship less unusual. She and Andrew’s mother even got along quite well. Alexandra’s parents were also very accepting of their relationship, stating that they were happy as long as their daughter was happy.

Aside from the significant age gap, the couple has different experiences in their respective careers, making their relationship a learning experience for both. Alexandra noted that they have different perspectives on things but understand each other very well, and they have a lot of similar interests.

In summary, despite the negative comments they have received, Alexandra and Andrew’s love story proves that age is just a number, and true love knows no bounds.

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