Woman Endures 54-Year Ordeal with Eye Stone, Ignored by 20 Doctors

Jam Press

A woman has endured a 54-year ordeal with a stone lodged in her eye, claiming that over 20 different doctors dismissed her concerns.

Domi, a 62-year-old patient whose full name remains undisclosed, was merely eight years old in 1965 when she accidentally struck a rock while playing with a hoe in a field. The impact propelled a piece of stone into her eye, causing significant bleeding.

She was promptly taken to a local doctor who allegedly brushed off her condition. Over the years, Domi sought the opinions of more than 20 medical professionals, all of whom disregarded her situation as inconsequential.

Although her eye calmed down between the ages of 14 and 18, Domi continued her regular visits to doctors. At the age of 28, she experienced a painful episode in her eye, but her doctor doubted her mental health.

In 1996, medical experts conducted an ultrasound and CT scan, during which an ophthalmologist detected something unusual but dismissed it as a cyst.

Finally, in 2019, during a surgical procedure in Badajoz, southwest of Madrid, Spain, the stone was discovered and successfully removed.

Reflecting on her experience, Domi said, “We consulted over 20 doctors, and they all treated me as if I were insane. Each one analyzed the previous doctor’s report and based their actions on it. I used to leave their offices in tears.”

Following the stone’s removal, Domi pursued legal action against the Extremadura Health Service. She commented, “In 2019, during the surgical procedure in Badajoz, the stone was removed. It was then that I filed a complaint and took the necessary legal steps.”

For 54 years, Domi lived with a “terrible” sensation before the object was finally extracted from her eye. Recently, a court in Cáceres concluded the case by ruling that the SES (Extremadura Health Service) must compensate her with €90,000 (£78,275).

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