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Distraught Clubber goes to A&E so that doctors can glue back on her broken finger nail

During the week of the 6th of February, the UK national broadcaster the BBC spent a large proportion of the 6 o’clock news to demonstrate that the A&E departments of hospitals, particularly in the English regions were at near breaking point. The reporters did not suggest why hospitals struggled with the huge numbers, and various people that were interviewed suggested that throwing more money at it would solve the problems!

Figures that have been reported would suggest otherwise, time wasters are the main problem that A&E doctors say are the cause of the problem. For example a clubber in Poole, who attended an A&E department of the Poole and Royal Bournemouth Hospital, had broken her finger nail and wanted doctors to glue it back on. We assume that the nail in question must have had an extension fitted at a nail bar, because even our highly skilled doctors would be hard pressed to glue a broken nail together!

Now we imagine that the vain clubber had no idea just how much her visit cost the NHS, in all probability she assumed it was all free, but as the saying goes; “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, the NHS cost the country £116 billion in 2016, all paid for through all forms of taxation.

Of course this individual was not the only person to attend A&E for reasons not related to accident or emergency. Another ‘patient’ attended the emergency department because ‘they couldn’t get a good night’s sleep at home’. Other examples included paper cuts, cold sores, sore throats and mild sunburn amongst the many.

From figures which have been released, it shows that each UK hospital deals with around thousands of time wasters every year, costing the taxpayers millions. Another example which illustrates the problem is the for the eight health trusts in the North East of England alone, figures from these health trusts showed 53,024 people visited A&E departments between 1 and 25 December. Staggeringly only one in three needed treatments which could be classed as an emergency, meaning that there were 32,344 people who should not have been there, which at an average cost of £29 per person is just short of one million pounds that could have been spent elsewhere in the health service!

Our NHS A&E does not mean that it stands for anything and anything, which includes having to glue back nail extensions and over indulgence of alcohol!



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