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Man breaks into shop to steal sex toy

A sex obsessed thief used a stolen truck to break into an adult store in Ohio so he could steal their most expensive sex toy. The man who has not been named stole a red truck and trailer from a recycling lot to use it to ‘ram’ into the front of the building, it seems the man wanted to break into the AdultMart store to steal a $800 (£485) ‘makeshift vagina’, the stores priciest sex toy.

The crime was described as ‘definitely weird’ by Detective Tony Kovacs of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department, he said: “It’s kind of crazy to steal a vehicle that is that expensive to break into a store to get some kind of sex toy.”

The thief broke into a nearby recycling lot where a truck and trailer were parked, unlocked. He then drove down to the AdultMart, crashed into the front of the shop and went straight to the expensive product.

According to police the suspect is a regular visitor to the adult store because he knew exactly where to go and went straight to the item.
The owner of JT recycling lot from where the truck was stolen, John Tirbaso, said he was ‘shocked’ at the incident he said: “I even said, “Wow, you know this economy is bad, I guess this stuff is going to happen”, then, when he told me what happened it just threw me off.”

Tirbaso confirmed it was not one of his employees who stole the vehicle after checking CCTV footage however what was strange was the vagina thief returned the truck to John’s lot after the incident.

It’s not the first time the AdultMart had been broken into for a sex toy, back in September 2009 a man drove a car into the back of the business to steal a sex toy, he then left through the front door, remaining in the car the whole time.


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