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Man has sex with a McChicken sandwich, the internet is not impressed

We have to say that the internet can, at times, be a very scary place and should you have ventured onto it and noticed that McChicken was very prominent, there is a very good reason and one which you may not wish to investigate further!

The eagle eyed ones that picked up a video that went viral, shows a man having sex with one of McD’s sandwiches, yes you have read that correctly, he videoed himself shown quite literally copulating with the mayonnaise-covered, bread-and-fried-chicken delight. Now very thankfully the man’s face is never revealed, why would you want to see that anyway when you can see the pervert sticking his dong into Mr Mac’s best?

Well twitter has gone crazy, after all it is not often that you see a McChicken Sandwich put to that use very often, if ever, and there have been some priceless reactions that have been posted. Some regretted clicking onto the video to see the display. One person took some comfort from what the man was doing, commenting: “I think I’m just so relieved to not hear about a child getting sexually assaulted that I’m 100% ok with people screwing sandwiches”.

Well having achieved his moment or two of fame, we wonder what trick our McChicken screwer will get up to next, we simply cannot wait.



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