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New Zealand woman accuses Seat Belt Manufacturers of being racist against fat people

We are aware that there is the human race and of course this can be classified into sub categories such as the African Race, the European Race, Chinese race and so on, but we have, until now that is, been completely unaware that a New Zealand woman believes that being fat is another race! Anyone watching the incredible performances of the New Zealand “All Blacks” rugby team will testify that these are seriously big men, but fat they are not and as far as we are aware, they manage to secure their seat belts when in a car.

For one very large woman this seems to be a problem because she was filmed not wearing a seat belt whilst driving her car and the video has been posted on Facebook page the The Uce Hub and has since been viewed a staggering number of times, well over 500,000 in fact. When questioned why she was not wearing the car safety belt she said it was because it did not fit her.

She questioned whether the manufacturers and the authorities believed that the whole world was skinny, which was greeted with hysterical laughter by her passenger who questioned the woman as to why she didn’t have her belt on. This is when she ranted that if she was fined for not wearing the safety belt, it was racist!  What she would do apparently would be to take legal action and sue the manufacturers if she crashed because the seat belt would not go round her, if she survived the crash of course.

Well we think that she would be on a “Sticky Wicket” on both counts, the racist suggestion would not hold much water and similarly the seat belt being too small laughed out of court, because as in the case of aircraft seat belts extensions, car seat belt extenders are readily available from very many sources. Nice try!



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