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Shocking Injuries Sustained in a Bathroom

Bathrooms can be very dangerous places, serious injuries can be sustained. However they will generally be down to personal negligence and sheer stupidity. Online bathroom retailer UK Bathrooms have spent their time finding out what the top ten weirdest bathroom injuries are. It’s probably not shocking to find out that many people hurt themselves in the bathroom one time or another: From a simple cut when shaving to getting soap in your eyes. However many people have also seriously hurt themselves in the bathroom.

1,844 UK adults were polled about their bathroom behaviour, focusing on what injuries they have sustained in there. They were asked; ‘Have you ever suffered an injury whilst in the bathroom?’ 19% admitted that they had suffered an injury whilst been in their bathroom. That means a fifth of people are pretty clumsy.

Those clumsy people were also asked to choose from a list which injury they had suffered, the results showed that Contusion (bruising) was most common. Participants could also choose more than one injury if they were exceptionally clumsy and had injured themselves a number of times in different ways.

Top five bathroom injuries:

1.            Contusion (bruising) – 67%

2.            Cuts – 48%

3.            Broken bone – 22%

4.            Dislocation – 18%

5.            Concussion – 14%

But finding out what common injuries are, isn’t enough, some areas of the bathroom are more hazardous than others! As well as being asked what injuries people have sustained the poll also asked where in the bathroom injuries have been sustained. It seems that baths are the most dangerous area in the bathroom. So if you want to stay safe you should stay away from the bath. That will make you pretty dirty if your shower is in your bath. But it is better to be smelly and safe!

Dangerous areas in the bathroom:

Bath – 34%

Shower – 32%

Toilet – 14%

Sink – 9%

Other – 11%

The research also showed that women are more likely to suffer an injury in the bathroom than men, however this may be down to the fact that women spend longer in the bathroom than men. In general though, many of the accidents were caused by slippage (61%) from wet surfaces.

UK Bathrooms also selected the ten weirdest injuries their respondents had sustained which shows that some people either shouldn’t be left on their own or wrapped up in cotton wool for their own safety.

1. A fatty managed to break a toilet seat lid when they sat on it to put their socks on. Unfortunately their ‘junk’ ended up being cut to sheds. Moral of the story? Lose weight!

2. One person managed to dislocate their shoulder when fishing their iPhone out of the toilet. It isn’t clear if they had a number one or number two. Incidentally the phone didn’t work anymore.

3. Drunk incidents are probably pretty common, one person managed to lose their front teeth on a sink whilst undressing when intoxicated; unfortunately it was not footballer Luis Suarez.

4. Bad enough being sick, but some unlucky person managed to cut their head and have a concussion after they knocked off the cistern cover and it hit them (alcohol probably involved).

5. A guy had a lucky escape when he electrocuted himself with some hair straighteners. He wasn’t using them; however was retrieve them from a sink full of water, which he knocked them into.

6. Another respondent broke a mirror whilst singing into a hairbrush (probably ready for X Factor auditions). This resulted in them cutting themselves and seven years bad luck.

7. Fantasy favourite getting toe stuck inside a tap, hunky fire man comes to rescue. Reality you dislocate your toe like one of the people asked.

8. An unlucky woman slipped out of her bath, then through her bathroom window and outside headfirst, naked. Not seriously injured as bathroom was on ground floor.

9. A woman suffered a bruising to her hip and elbow when she was having a tinkle, after the toilet seat came lose and she slipped to the side with it.

10. Familiar to some, another respondent, panicked when they got shampoo in their eyes. They ended up falling through shower curtain, pulling down rail and breaking their wrist. director Peter Gregg said:

“Looking at our poll, it seems that the bathroom is a more dangerous place than you might initially expect. With water in abundance, it’s not that surprising that slips are common.  What’s more surprising though is the nature of some of these injuries. It seems that being drunk or just lacking in common sense increases the hazard potential incredibly. We’d advise taking care when entering or exiting the bath, as you don’t want to end up exposed to the neighbours like the unfortunate person who fell through their window. As for the person with the wayward hairbrush, maybe try and tone it down a little – probably for the neighbours’ sake, as well as your own.”

Image courtesy of acme


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