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Sinkhole opens up outside Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort

Controversy seems to follow the newly elected President of the United States around and conspiracy theories abound about most things the President seems to do. Plenty of theories on these lines are flooding into social media sites following the news that a 4 foot wide (1.2 metre) sinkhole that has mysteriously opened up in the roadway outside his club Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Is this the latest crisis that is threatening the Trump administration or could it be just the activities of a mole, perhaps of the FBI type some people are wondering? Others are suggesting that perhaps the swamp was draining at last, but the anti-Trump brigade are sure to be disappointed, because it seems that construction crews recently finished work on a new water supply line under Southern Boulevard, running past Mar-a-Lago, and in a Monday morning traffic bulletin announcing lane closures said that a sinkhole appeared in the vicinity of the club.

Mar-a-Lago is fondly known as the President’s “winter White house” and officials have said that they are conducting an “exploratory dig” to find the cause of the hole that suddenly appeared in the road close to the southern entrance of Trump’s private waterfront club in Palm Beach. Kathleen Walter, communications director for the city of West Palm Beach commented that the initial threat to Mar-a-Lago appeared to have been contained; the hole was probably not going to get any bigger, which must be music to the President’s ears.

In true “Donald” style the sinkhole episode is not the first time that the resort of Mar-a-Lago has attracted attention, in April Florida’s restaurant inspectors cited the resort’s kitchens for a number of serious food safety violations, but the President does not seem to have been affected, some are suggesting that perhaps in true potentate style he may have a “food taster” before he dines!

As you may expect the club is pretty exclusive, Trump bought the club for $10 million in 1985 and has spent tens of millions on improvements. Each of the 500 members pays $14,000 annually in dues. The initiation fee was recently doubled to $200,000. Keeps the “riff raff” out we imagine.



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