Discovery of Crashed Plane Brings Hope for Survivors After 15 Days – Pilot Found Deceased Onboard

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A plane that had been missing for 15 days has been located, providing hope that the remaining six passengers, including three children and an 11-month-old baby, may still be alive. The wreckage was discovered with the body of the pilot inside.

The search team discovered the crash site in the remote area of Solano, located approximately 246 miles south of Bogota, Colombia, on the morning of 16th May. The Cessna 206 light aircraft, registered as HK 2803 and owned by Avialine Charter, had disappeared on 1st May.

The Colombian Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that one of the occupants, identified as pilot Hernando Murcia, was found deceased within the aircraft. However, the other six passengers were not located either inside the plane or in its vicinity.

The search efforts are ongoing, but there are signs that provide hope for the survival of the missing individuals. A baby bottle and a consumed passion fruit were discovered near the crash site, indicating recent human presence. These findings have bolstered the belief that the passengers may have survived the initial impact.

Among the missing passengers are Magdalena Mucutui Valencia, Cristian Neryman Ranoque Mucutui, Mendoza Hernández, Lesly Jacobo Bonbaire, Solecni Racote Mucutui, and Tien Noriel Racote Mucutui. Manuel Ranoque, the husband and father of the passengers, remains hopeful despite the distressing situation. As an indigenous leader and governor of the Puerto Sábalo Los Monos community, Manuel expressed his unwavering determination to find his loved ones, stating that he is willing to risk everything in the search.

While details surrounding the cause of the crash are still emerging, Manuel mentioned that there were indications of a mechanical problem with the aircraft. He recalled speaking to his wife before she boarded the ill-fated flight to San José del Guaviare.

The search operation continues as rescuers remain dedicated to locating the missing passengers and reuniting them with their families. The discovery of the plane, though accompanied by tragedy, has reignited hope for a positive outcome in this challenging ordeal.

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