Jaw-Dropping Feats: Fearless Daredevil Goes Viral with Gravity-Defying Stunts, Ditching Safety Harness

Jam Press/@carlosrengifove

Social media users are left astounded as a daredevil showcases his breathtaking stunts, all performed without the use of a safety harness.

Meet Carlos Rengifo, renowned for his daring tricks, thrilling escapades, and unwavering fearlessness, which have garnered him an Instagram following of 20,200.

Carlos proudly claims the title of being the first Venezuelan to engage in self-photography and videography on the perilous edges of buildings, completely devoid of any protective measures.

His journey into this hobby began during his teenage years when he honed his skills by training within the confines of his own home, under the cover of darkness.

In recent years, Carlos decided to share his exhilarating adventures on social media, rapidly amassing a fanbase enamored by his exceptional abilities. As a result, his unique performances have gone viral, accumulating hundreds of thousands of views.

One particularly gripping clip, with an impressive 74,400 views, showcases Carlos riding a bike atop a building, leaving viewers on edge.


Lili exclaimed, “I can’t even look!”

Teresa added, “Oh my god.”

Darwin confessed, “Just watching gives me chills.”

“Bro, you’ve got some serious guts,” commented Kristofer. [sic]

Carlos himself chimed in, “Excellent.”

Josh couldn’t help but express his apprehension, stating, “What nerves? NOOOOOO.” [sic]

However, some viewers believe Carlos should reconsider his dangerous pursuits, labeling his actions as “irresponsible.”

Henis remarked, “To have no regard for one’s life is a pity.”

Mariluz criticised, “How irresponsible, toying with your life.”

In another post, Carlos showcases his hobby by skillfully ascending a crane. The gripping footage captures him walking along narrow steel pipes while facing the camera downwards. He reaches the pinnacle, seamlessly transitioning into handstands and even hanging by his hands from the crane, all while being 55 meters above the ground, as indicated by the nearby sign.

This video has garnered 22,200 views, hundreds of likes, and numerous comments.

Refebar expressed admiration, stating, “My respects.”

Gustavo commented, “Just watching the video makes me dizzy.”

Alvaro cautioned, “Check those rusty pipes thoroughly… they could lead you to the afterlife…”

Rosa confessed, “It gives me the chills.”

Eduardo shared his experience, “I got dizzy… wonderful!”

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