Homeowner discovers three-foot snake coiled up inside BBQ

Story from Jam Press (BBQ Snake) Pictured: The carpet python found on a family’s barbeque.

A homeowner in Highvale, Queensland, Australia, was horrified to find a three-foot-long snake curled up inside their BBQ. Snake catcher Steve Brown was called to remove the snake from the suburban garden. He identified the snake as a coastal carpet python, which can reach up to 10 feet in length and is non-venomous. The snake was safely relocated to a more appropriate location away from suburbia.

Steve shared pictures of the snake on Facebook, where viewers commented on the find. One commenter quipped that the snake was probably trying to get warm. Another described the snake’s markings as lovely.

This is not the first time Steve has encountered snakes in unusual places. He previously shared pictures of a five-foot python lurking in the toilet of a netball club in Brisbane. The snake gave a child a shock when they found it playing around in the toilet bowl. Steve shared a video of the creature curled up in the toilet before carefully extracting it. The clip garnered hundreds of likes and comments and was viewed 50,000 times.

Commenters on the video described the incident as the stuff of nightmares and said they would have screamed and run for their lives if they had encountered a snake in their toilet.

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