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Middle aged woman strips off the have a fight with her best friend

This is not quite the thing to be expected from two pupils who attended the £11,440 Boarding per term, prestigious Cheltenham Ladies College, but then of course it was not pupils from this school that caused the story that appeared in the Gloucestershire Live report, neither was it two ex-pupils either, it is safe to say.

We have all witnessed the usual detritus that greets us on our way home from a night out, usually on a Saturday; chips strew all over the pavement, perhaps the remains of a pizza, someone being sick, or even a nice juicy fight. Now when we have spotted a fight going on between two men, they usually do not strip off, unless of course to prevent damage that could be caused to their nice Ralph Lauren shirt, or Abercrombie & Fitch sweatshirt!

But then it was not the usual couple of strutting peacocks that were fighting, no it was two middle aged women that decided to strip off and have a “cat fight” on the promenade of this town, which was, in its 18th and 19th century heyday, a pleasure health resort for wealthy visitors, hence why it is often referred to as Cheltenham Spa.

Naturally the scene came as a big surprise to the Cheltenham Guardians, which is a community safety group which is staffed by volunteers. They have revealed on their Facebook page that two middle-aged women squared up for an altercation on the Promenade, it was when they saw one of the women remove her dress and bra, they decided to step in! Dodging the fists which were flying, the community volunteers were able to restore order to the chaos and return the bra to its semi-naked owner and it was then that they found out that the two combatants were, in fact, the best of friends!

Of course it is soon to be the highlight of the horse racing jump season when the Cheltenham Festival takes place on 14-17th March, if a couple of best friends fight half naked on a Saturday on the Promenade, what will the Cheltenham Guardians be expecting when the 265,000 pints of Guinness are sunk by spectators during the Festival?



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