Innovative ‘Smart Jar’ Introduces Temperature-Sensitive Label to Combat Food Waste

By harnessing the power of heat-sensitive ink, a groundbreaking label on mayonnaise jars now reveals hidden messages and whimsical graphics when the temperature dips below five degrees Celsius.

This technological advancement serves a crucial purpose in reducing food waste, as any perishable items stored at higher temperatures are prone to spoilage. This includes store-bought mayonnaise once it has been opened.

Unveiled during Food Waste Action Week 2023 (March 6th-12th), the prototype ‘smart jar’ label was artistically designed by illustrator Ellen Porteus.

Addressing the issue of food waste This development comes in response to a previous study conducted by the food waste charity, WRAP, which revealed that the average fridge temperature in the UK hovers around seven degrees Celsius, significantly higher than the recommended range of three to five degrees Celsius.

Fresh produce such as milk, fruits, and vegetables benefit greatly from being stored at temperatures below five degrees Celsius, as they can remain fresh for three or more additional days.

On the contrary, temperatures exceeding eight degrees Celsius can facilitate the rapid growth of harmful bacteria on stored food items.

Rachel Chambers, representing Hellmann’s, expressed, “We understand the importance of making the most of the food we purchase.”

“We are constantly seeking ways to help consumers reduce food waste and save money, and we believe the ‘smart jar’ is an innovative approach to initiate conversations about and find solutions to this significant problem.”

In collaboration with WRAP, the condiment manufacturer has also developed an online tool that educates consumers on how to set the optimal temperature for any brand of fridge, thus minimizing food waste.

Catherine David, the Director of Collaboration and Change at WRAP, remarked, “Each year, more than 4.5 million tonnes of perfectly good food goes to waste in our homes, which could have been consumed.”

“This costs the average family upwards of £700 annually—a financial burden none of us can afford.”

“Incorrect storage practices significantly contribute to food spoilage, and maintaining the appropriate fridge temperature can significantly extend the freshness of food.”

“I am delighted that WRAP has collaborated with Hellmann’s on this exciting trial.”

“We need innovative solutions like this pilot jar to inspire simple lifestyle changes that yield significant dividends.”

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