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England Team’s Passport Numbers Leaked

In a breach of protocol in the security that surrounds the England football team, tonight the official team sheet for the squad was tweeted out by the team sponsor Vauxhall to their 73,000 followers. This may not seem like a major issue as fans would be delighted to see who had been picked for the match against Ecuador, but what hadn’t been considered was that the sheet also contains passport numbers and dates of birth.

Vauxhall removed the tweet shortly after, but it was too late, it had already started to go viral, and when Stan Collymore tweeted it to his 568,000 followers it doesn’t take a maths genius to work out its huge reach in a matter of minutes. Oh, and not to mention that the Press Association tweeted it too.


Vauxhall “apologised for the oversight” and said that the tweet “was deleted from our account within a minute” but it’s too late. It’s like when you send an email to the wrong person by mistake and hit send… there is no going back!


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