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computer bullet

Computer says NOOOOO! Frustrated man shoots his computer eight times

We must have all felt like it at times when the computer we are using runs slowly and you watch the tiny circle going round and round whilst you sit, getting more angry as you wait for the page to appear. However few, we imagine, would go to the lengths that Lucas Hinch did in Colorado Springs when he became so angry and frustrated because ctrl+alt+delete would not re-boot his computer, he took the computer outside and shot it, not once, but eight times.

Now Mr Hinch has found himself in trouble with the law when he was briefly detained for discharging a firearm within the city. A spokesman explained that Mr Hinch had absolutely no idea that when he re-enacted a scene from the old “wild west” that he was breaking the law and he must now wait before he comes before a Judge who will decide what penalty he is to receive. (more…)

lamb human face

Lamb with human face terrifies villagers

Villagers in Dagestan, Russia have been terrified by a lamb which had just been born with a human face, and apparently resembles Jigsaw from Saw, the lamb also gave the farmer the shock of his life. The sheep farmer in the Russian Village had been waiting all week for the birth of the lamb but was certainly not expecting what he saw at the birth.

KFC and a side order of porn!


A man got a very different side order with his KFC bargain bucket when he noticed that the restaurant was showing an X-rated movie on the TV screens. Gerard Whalen filmed the event on his phone and uploaded it onto his YouTube account.

Parents outraged by the use of historic train carriages for hardcore porn film

porn train main

How would you feel if you took the kids for a day out to a vintage railway that is used as a Santa Special and Peppa Pig meets and greets, only to hear that it has been used as a set for a hardcore porn film? The American adult film company, Brazzers, shot the 28-minute pornographic film on the Epping Ongar Railway a heritage railway in Essex

Full volume porn movies prompt police investigation


Police were called in to investigate what turned out to be a lonely man watching X rated porn films that he had on full volume. Nearby residents had mistaken the sounds as a couple having frequent and loud sex, causing them to complain to police.


Is this the end for Jeremy Clarkson?

Top gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was on a final warning from the BBC and those that knew the presenter did not think it would be long before the controversial figure over stepped the mark again. This time an incident is alleged to have taken place in Newcastle where the crew had been filming three episodes of the show Top Gear, a show which is seen by millions worldwide and has brought in much needed revenue for the corporation. (more…)

Stepbrother and girlfriend questioned for the murder of Becky Watts

police tape

Revelations that Becky Watts step brother is being held in police custody and questioned for the murder of Becky has sent shock waves through the community and those that knew her and her family.

Along with his 21 year old girlfriend Shauna Phillips, Nathan Mathews 28 can be held and questioned by the police until later today. Detectives were on Tuesday afternoon granted another 24 hours to question Matthews and Phillips, who were arrested on Saturday. Becky was last seen on the 19th of February and acting on information received, police officers went to a house at Barton Court in the Barton Hill area of the city and body parts were found at the house. (more…)

Post Box Pervert’s Body Found

post box

A man who first hit the headlines when he was arrested for having sex with a post box, has been found dead behind his local Chinese Takeaway.

Paul Bennett was caught last September shouting out “Wow” whilst rubbing himself against the red post box in a Wigan shopping area.  The incident happened following a drunken row with a woman. Mr Bennett was found guilty of two charges of indecent exposure, plus using threatening and abusive words and behaviour, and given a 12-month community order with alcohol treatment and supervision requirements.

Czech woman has remarkable escape after being scalped by an electric drill


A 27 year old Czech volunteer fire fighter Petra Novotnz, had a remarkable escape after her hair was caught in the fast rotating machine. This jerked her head forward and as a result tore the skin off across her eyes and nose and off her head. The mother of four had been using the electric drill, and had tied her hair in a pony tail. Unfortunately some strands were loose and got caught up in the spinning machine. It took no longer than a fraction of a second to suck the rest of her hair around the drill bit and this is when the damage was done. (more…)

Nutella jar proves fatal for pet dog

Nutella Main

A fire started by an empty jar of Nutella being left on a windowsill, resulted in the heart-breaking loss of a family pet.

Mr and Mrs Murphy and their two daughters had gone out for dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary, when the fire started; leaving Chili, the Jack Russell behind. The jar, which was being used to store loom bands, had been left on the windowsill. However as the low winter sun rays shone into the room they were refracted by the jar and became focused on their daughters’ bedroom blinds causing the blinds to catch fire. (more…)

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