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self service checkout

Man arrested after trying to scan his PENIS on supermarket self-service checkout

When I was still “wet behind the ears” mobile telephones and supermarket scanners were still a “pipe dream” in the minds of the technical whiz kids, we gazed in amazement at the huge shiny new Xerox copier in the general office at my place of gainful employment. Now the trick in those days, performed by the joker, that was to be found in every office, was to sit on the machine minus trousers and underpants and pin the result of the magic photo copy in some conspicuous place.

Naturally episodes such as this were frowned upon by the management and short of getting all staff to undress and inspect their rear ends, photocopy in hand, it was not possibly to find the offender. Such juvenile behaviour is quite frankly “peanuts” compared with what happened in a supermarket in Seattle. This joker thought it would be great fun to plop his penis onto the self-service scanner and call over an unsuspecting female shop worker, perhaps disappointed that it would not give him a price! Well naturally she was shocked and somewhat surprised at the display, much to the amusement of our joker. A male worker saw his colleague reacting and came over to see what was happening. (more…)

trump clinton main


With our American friends about to head into a historical election to see who will become the next President of the United States, a cheeky 3D printing pen company has come up with a novel way of showing your allegiance by creating 3D-printed action figures of the two candidates fighting!

Bizarre video show man having sex with road New Zealand style!

sex road

We have heard of sexual frustration but what has been shown on a 32 second clip might be better described as desperation or getting the “hump” as the video clearly shows a man working off his carnal pleasure, not enjoying the experience with another person, but on the road!

UB40 fan strips off and started singing on train tracks


They were big in the 80’s and UB40 the Birmingham reggae band had a string of hits, 50 in all, selling over 70 million records, before they were declared insolvent in 2011. They obviously were remembered by one fan who decided that he would strip down to next to nothing and then claiming he had a gun, started singing the UB40 reggae songs to the perplexed bystanders, who probably just wanted to get home after a long day. (more…)

Giant vending machine appears giving away hundreds of 1966 England shirts

shirt vending machine

If Carlsberg did vending machines, they would probably the best in the world, well having said that it seems that they have in fact just done that, but this one is a vending machine with a difference! The machine has been set up in Sheldon Square in London offering the first three hundred people the chance to put their work shirt into the machine in exchange for a replica England World Cup 1996 top.

Police mugshot of beautiful woman goes viral on social media #Prisonbae


Well we suppose that you do not have to have a broken nose, a few facial scars as evidence of serious disagreements that have happened and tattoos on the neck to qualify for “mugshots” taken after being arrested by the police, you can be very attractive to the male population, or even in some ladies eyes very handsome, all you have to do is commit an offence and land up appearing in court.


Sheep in Wales go on the rampage after eating cannabis plants

The effects of smoking or eating cannabis are pretty well documented and can include: confusion, restlessness, excitement, hallucinations, or being chilled out and happy. Now we cannot say whether the flock of sheep in Wales that are thought to have consumed some discarded cannabis plants had any of these symptoms, but they certainly went on the rampage.

Mortarboard throwing is dangerous claims University


The fun police have been out in force at the University of East Anglia, after the Health and Safety “gurus” decided that the tradition of throwing mortar boards in the air, following the graduation ceremony and photographed at these ceremonies the world over, must stop.

NASA to make a major announcement today, have aliens finally been found?


We cannot say what the news will be, but it has sent alien hunters into an absolute frenzy, in the belief that NASA is going to reveal to all there is clear evidence that they have discovered life at one of the earth like planets that have been discovered by the Keplar telescope which has been trawling the universe in search of life.

The shocking truth behind men’s underpants

Boxer Shorts

Whether a man prefers boxer shorts, Y fronts, or jockey style trunks, a survey carried out with 2,000 men has revealed some interesting things that include the unpalatable fact that some men wear them for a whole week before getting hem washed!

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