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mountain lion

Police force sets up cameras to investigate reports of mountain lion, but are stunned by the results

Following up reports of some sightings of a mountain lion, police in the American town of Gardiner in Kansas decided that the simplest way would be to set up surveillance cameras, to see if the oversized cat was roaming the city park.

When they looked at the images that they had captured, they discovered that the 20,000 or so residents of the town had wicked sense of humour. There was no sign whatsoever of the lion, but they did spy two gorillas, a werewolf and a sinister man in a gas mask, that was not all, because as you would expect at this time of year, Santa was in evidence too, taking a swig from a beer can as he strolled through the park! (more…)

Parking bays are shrinking as cars are expanding


Research by Accident Exchange in a recently released report has revealed that there are 675,000 accidents involving motor vehicles that are the result of parking. The figures will come as no surprise to most of us that have used public car parks and supermarkets, as we try to negotiate our cars into the parking bays which are marked out.

Advertising Watchdog bans Heinz advert because it’s too dangerous

Heinz Beans Advert

As a society we are becoming used to being told, amongst many other things, that a packet of nuts could actually contain nuts, please open the can before using, the cup of coffee that you have just bought is hot, and now thanks to “elf & safety” we should not try to mimic the actors featured on the latest advertisement for beans from Heinz.

Sir Richard Branson plans to operate a supersonic jet faster than Concorde

Boom Jet

One of the many remarkable achievements of the aircraft industry, Concorde was also a successful partnership between the British Aircraft Corporation and the French SUD aviation. Both the French airline Air France and British Airways flew between Europe and North America from 1976 until 2003, when both airlines retired their fleet following on from the crash of Air France Flight 4590, in which all passengers and crew were killed.

A man confesses on live TV to the rape and murder of a four year old girl

Himmet Akturk

It is a very sad fact that there are some deranged men that appear to take a sadistic pleasure from satisfying their sexual gratification with young children, even infants. We are not aware of the motives of one man, Himmet Akturk, but he has admitted on a live television programme to the rape and murder of a four year old girl in the Alasehir district of western Turkey’s Manisa Province.

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