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Darth Vader lookalike robs North Carolina credit union at the point of a gun

Not quite Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but even more outrageous was a man dreed in a tars Wars character costume of Dart Vader who held up and robbed a credit union, not with a light saber, more familiar in the film version, but a real live rifle.

Not only did the robber have the Darth Vader mask on, but also he wore a chest plate and gloves in the same style as the well-remembered Star Wars character. Photographs have been released by the Pineville North Carolina police department, not that they would expect anyone to know who was hiding below the disguise. (more…)


Is this the end for Jeremy Clarkson?

Top gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was on a final warning from the BBC and those that knew the presenter did not think it would be long before the controversial figure over stepped the mark again. This time an incident is alleged to have taken place in Newcastle where the crew had been filming three episodes of the show Top Gear, a show which is seen by millions worldwide and has brought in much needed revenue for the corporation. (more…)

Stepbrother and girlfriend questioned for the murder of Becky Watts

police tape

Revelations that Becky Watts step brother is being held in police custody and questioned for the murder of Becky has sent shock waves through the community and those that knew her and her family.

Along with his 21 year old girlfriend Shauna Phillips, Nathan Mathews 28 can be held and questioned by the police until later today. Detectives were on Tuesday afternoon granted another 24 hours to question Matthews and Phillips, who were arrested on Saturday. Becky was last seen on the 19th of February and acting on information received, police officers went to a house at Barton Court in the Barton Hill area of the city and body parts were found at the house. (more…)

Post Box Pervert’s Body Found

post box

A man who first hit the headlines when he was arrested for having sex with a post box, has been found dead behind his local Chinese Takeaway.

Paul Bennett was caught last September shouting out “Wow” whilst rubbing himself against the red post box in a Wigan shopping area.  The incident happened following a drunken row with a woman. Mr Bennett was found guilty of two charges of indecent exposure, plus using threatening and abusive words and behaviour, and given a 12-month community order with alcohol treatment and supervision requirements.

Czech woman has remarkable escape after being scalped by an electric drill


A 27 year old Czech volunteer fire fighter Petra Novotnz, had a remarkable escape after her hair was caught in the fast rotating machine. This jerked her head forward and as a result tore the skin off across her eyes and nose and off her head. The mother of four had been using the electric drill, and had tied her hair in a pony tail. Unfortunately some strands were loose and got caught up in the spinning machine. It took no longer than a fraction of a second to suck the rest of her hair around the drill bit and this is when the damage was done. (more…)

Nutella jar proves fatal for pet dog

Nutella Main

A fire started by an empty jar of Nutella being left on a windowsill, resulted in the heart-breaking loss of a family pet.

Mr and Mrs Murphy and their two daughters had gone out for dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary, when the fire started; leaving Chili, the Jack Russell behind. The jar, which was being used to store loom bands, had been left on the windowsill. However as the low winter sun rays shone into the room they were refracted by the jar and became focused on their daughters’ bedroom blinds causing the blinds to catch fire. (more…)

Camera catches man hitting himself in the face after accusing police of injuries

jail punch

Some people will go to extreme lengths to get themselves released from jail and 33-year-old Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski, who was being held in an Oregon Sheriffs holding cell after he was brought in for questioning has been caught on film punching himself in the face. He hoped that if he made a complaint, which he did and signed, he would be released.

Couple arrested for having sex in public didn’t even know each other’s names

stranger sex

A couple who had just met on a train in California shocked shoppers after they decided to get frisky in the street in broad daylight.

The strangers who had just met on the San Diego Trolley, a light rail system in the city didn’t even know each other’s names before getting sexual outside a busy Dress Shop in Chula Vista at around 3.30pm on Friday.

TransAsia plane hits bridge and plunges into river in Taiwan

TransAsia GE235

A TransAsia passenger aircraft with 53 people on board has crashed into the Keeling River in Taiwan after it had clipped a motorway bridge, as well as a taxi, before plunging into the river. It is known that 15 people are reported dead with 30 more remaining unaccounted for.

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