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Man rumbled trying to smuggle beer disguised as Pepsi into Saudi Arabia

It was cunning plan but it went horribly wrong when a man tried to smuggle 48,000 cans of beer, which had been covered with Pepsi labels, into Saudi Arabia. But eagle eyed police at the Al Batha border were not fooled as they rightly considered that here was something suspicious about the consignment of cans.

Alcohol is banned in the country and when the truck was stopped as a routine matter and the normal procedure of searching took place, this revealed that the alcoholic products had their true identity covered by Pepsi labels. The man was apprehended and as yet we have no idea what charges he will face or if tried the ultimate punishment he might receive. (more…)

McMuffin Smuggled Into Jail with a Fishing line


They do say that the criminal mind is ingenious and those on the right side of the law wonder why they cannot use their undoubted skills to carve out a good honest living. We have only to remind ourselves of the clever way in which Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs and three others escaped over the 20 foot high Wormwood Scrubs prison wall in July 1965 using the aid of a rope ladder thrown over by accomplices in a furniture removal van.

Man kills friend when he was convinced he was turning into a zombie after binge watching The Walking Dead


A New Mexico man, Damon Perry explained to investigators that he had been watching TV show The Walking Dead and saw his friend change into a zombie and then beat him to death. The 23 year old man of Prewitt, New Mexico, is charged with murder of Christopher Paquin, also 23, by kicking, punching stabbing him with sharp objects as well as bludgeoning him with a guitar and a microwave oven.

Man breaks into church, starts masturbating in a priest’s robe


We often read about some odd things that people do and many of them come from America but this has to be one of the weirdest. It concerns a man who entered a church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and unfortunately for the man concerned, the church authorities had installed CCTV cameras after a theft from the church during last year.

Farmer in America mistakes woolly mammoth for a bent fence post


A pre historic animal, a woolly mammoth has been discovered in a field in Michigan by a farmer and his friend who were digging in a field to put in a drainage pipe. At first the farmer mistook the animal for a bent fence post until he realised that it was animal remains. Up to date about one fifth of the animal, which lived about 12-15,000 years ago have been recovered.

Man shoots himself in the penis, now that had to hurt!


Some people are guilty of doing some strange things, but shooting at one’s own manhood has to be one of the strangest, that is if he really meant it.

The story that he gave to the hospital where he was being treated, the Avera McKennan in Sioux Fall South Dakota, and the police who were investigating the shooting, was that he was robbed while putting out of his rubbish for the bin men.

Service to preserve tattooed skin after death launched


It could be thought of has macabre by some, whilst others may consider it a wonderful thing to have a loved one’s tattooed skin preserved and framed after they had died.

Body art or tattooing is a controversial subject and there are many that have had tattoos, often when they have perhaps been away with a group of friends and indulged in too much drink, only to regret it later. Conversely, many thousands are rightly proud of their body art and admire the skill of the artist who created it and it is these people that the new service, Save My Ink is aimed at. The company is actually called the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art, which will allow them to have their skin removed and preserved for the benefit of their loved ones left behind. (more…)

Fire brigade called to early Christmas pudding fire after it bursts into flames in microwave

Christmas Pudding

It was in 1973 that pop star Wizzard released his hit song “I wish it could be Christmas every day” and for a family in Barnstable in Devon, they were indeed celebrating an early Christmas treat by having the traditional pudding. This is when disaster struck when the delightful treat caught fire in the microwave cooker; this resulted in the Devon and Somerset Fire Brigade being called out to deal with the blaze.

Siren less police cars are risking people’s lives


Because many new police cars do not have the familiar siren fitted to them due to budget cuts, it could be causing police drivers to drive more slowly and poses a risk to the public according to the police federation in the West Midlands. According to this professional body, criminals are being allowed to get away because the police have been equipped with cars which have no sirens and cannot break the speed limit. The cars with which they are equipped are Vauxhall Corsa and it is not as though these cars are particularly slow, in fact they are capable of a speed of 129 miles per hour according to Car Buyer magazine.

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