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Joseph Sledge

Man freed after 37 years in prison

It is enough to make anyone smile we would imagine, well you would after being released from prison for a crime which you did not commit, especially after 37 years!

Well they do say that it could only happen in America and that is not true by a long chalk, but this one really did. Joseph Sledge, 70, was released after a DNA expert cast doubt over his conviction over the stabbing deaths of a mother and daughter nearly four decades ago. According to district attorney, “the system has made a mistake the wrong man is in prison.” (more…)

sex theme park

Scenic office in Taiwan planning to build a ‘sex theme park’

If you happen to visit the “Romantic Boulevard” theme park in South Taiwan, do not expect to find rides like the Ghost Train, Helter Skelter, the Big Drop, Roller Coaster, Water Rides down rapids etcetera, because if you do you could be in for a big shock and we can confidently say it is not a place to take the kids!

If you go to a theme park, take care not to wet yourself!

Spookers Haunted Attraction Scream Park

An unfortunate distressed woman who was so scared at a theme park in New Zealand that she wet herself, found out that her photograph had been taken and was being used as a publicity stunt! The unfortunate person has said that she was humiliated and has been ridiculed by her friends as well as her family after the photograph appeared on Spookers Scream Park’s Facebook page.

Frisky elephant caught on camera mounting cars in Thailand


A wild elephant in Thailand got a bit up close and personal with some drivers cars in Thailand’s Khao Yai national park over the weekend. In the footage, the frisky bull can be seen trying to mount two silver cars and nudging another after it reportedly escaped from an enclosure in the park.

Beware the DIY tattoo gun

Holly Aston

We have heard of some very weird tales that happen to people when they go to parties and get horribly drunk. However the latest thing that happened to a Birmingham girl has to be amongst the most embarrassing.

Andress Urach

Miss Bum Bum runner up nearly died after botched bum filler surgery

The things some people will go to in an effort to try to make themselves more beautiful than nature intended nearly cost a TV presenter her life. Andress Urach, a Brazilian model, who incidentally claims to have bedded footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, something the Portuguese player has always strenuously denied, almost died when plastic surgery to plump her rear end appeared to go horribly wrong and started to rot her tissue!

Merry Christmas from Shocking Times!

shocking times

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Shocking Times. It’s been a year of shocking, hilarious and often disturbing news, and here are our top stories of 2014 (click on the images to be taken to the news story): (more…)

Chocoholic monkey tasered by police


There are some people that will do anything to get hold of some chocolate, and it appears that also applies to one particular monkey that had been fed on a diet of the delightful sweet. The monkey had become quite violent and authorities have put this down to it suffering from malnutrition which had been brought on by the chocolate only diet.

Spraying weed killer on artichokes lands feuding sisters in court


It had been a long running dispute between two sisters, which began over the care of their mother and ended up with one of the two being convicted for causing criminal damage. After magistrates had listened to the evidence that the younger of the two sisters, Gillian Leeden, 62, deliberately targeted her sister Lindsey Glassett’s prized veg patch with weed killer, they found her guilty of criminal damage, gave her a conditional discharge, ordered her to pay £5 compensation for the Jerusalem artichokes she destroyed and £325 in court costs.

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