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toilet rolls

Man starts huge fire after the call of nature beckons during bike ride

There are places in the world where the grass, undergrowth and heather is tinder dry and although the rain has been falling on this fair isle for several weeks, there are times when the moors are at risk of fire danger because of a carelessly discarded cigarette, or a camp fire that has not been extinguished properly.

A carelessly discarded cigarette cannot be laid at the door of an unfortunate man who was cycling through the foot hills of Boise in Indiana in the USA when nature called and he dismounted his cycle to have a poo. This is when his troubles began as being an upright citizen and not wishing to be labelled as a ”litter lout” he decided to set fire to the used toilet paper that he had conveniently brought with him; this is when his trouble began. (more…)

simon cowell dwarf

Woman caught cheating on her husband with Simon Cowell lookalike dwarf

It’s one thing to find out that your wife has been having an affair, but it’s another when you find out the person she is sleeping with is a Simon Cowell lookalike dwarf. Peter Garside told the Sunday Sport that the miniature lookalike, Graham Harding wrecked his marriage with wife Rachel after finding out about the affair.

Surfing competition gets cancelled after surfer gets attacked by a shark!

Mick Fanning

Mick fanning, a three time surfing champion, was just trying to get his surf on and win another competition in his career when he had a visit from an unexpected shark.

The attack occurred during the final of J-Bay open in South Africa. Mick Fanning, the surfer who got attacked, was not physically injured but he has been a bit rumbled inside his head as to whether he wants to go surfing ever again.

Farmer uses blow-up sex doll as a scarecrow


Farmer David Gray of Glenhead Farm in Banton, near Kilsyth, north Lanarkshire, was becoming increasingly frustrated by the deer coming onto his farm and destroying the crops, he decided that a scarecrow, which was more effective than a carrier bag on a stick was needed.


Canadian gets arrested after flying in garden chair carried by balloons

A Canadian man who tied 100 helium filled balloons to a garden chair and flew over the city of Calgary has been arrested by police and charged with causing mischief. 26 year old Daniel Boria told the police that he planned to parachute off the garden chair and into the Calgary Stampede (a local rodeo event) to promote his cleaning company.

Gang Member Dies Trying To Gold Plate His Testicles

golden balls

An L.A. gang member has died of lead poisoning after trying to gold plate his testicles to celebrate his 17th birthday. Nazario Conchuza Gonzalez, part of the infamous Ms-13 crime family tried to gold-plate his testicles after he had been given the nickname ‘Pelotas de oro’ which means ‘golden testicles’.

Hunky Ape Has Japanese Women Swooning to Zoo


We are not sure what has attracted so many women to a Zoo in Nagoya, Japan, could it be that it is down to their primeval instincts and they are seriously attracted to a hunky Male giant gorilla. What we do know is that he poses for photographs and is described by the women as very good looking and it is this which has attracted so many women to the Zoo.

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