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boy wedding

Shocking: 9 year old boy remarries 62 year old woman in South African ceremony

A 9 year old boy has renewed his wedding vows to a 62 year old woman after wanting to make the marriage official. Sanele Masilela has now become one of the world’s youngest grooms and originally married 62 year old Helen Shabangu after claiming that his dead ancestors told him too.

The ceremony took place in front of approximately 100 guests in the South African village of Ximhungwe, where the couple shared a kiss and a piece of cake. Sanele said, “I told my mother that I wanted to get married because I really did want to.

“I’m happy that I married Helen – but I will go to school and study hard.

“When I’m older I will marry a lady my own age”. (more…)


Death Defying Blowjob Advice from Sexpert using Grapefruit

A 43 year old woman from Chicago who calls herself Auntie Angel has released a snippet of her sex advice onto Youtube to try to teach women the way forward with blowjobs using unusual techniques, including grapefruits and hoover noises. The woman, whose real name is Denise Walker, works by day as a nail technician and spends her free time giving sexpert classes on topics such as how to give a man an orgasm in only 5 minutes. (more…)

Japanese artist arrested for distributing 3D printer data of her vagina

Manko Boat1

A 42 year old Japanese artist called Megumi Igarashi has been arrested on obscenity charges in Japan after distributing images of her vagina that were suitable for 3D printers. Igarashi, whose pseudonym Rokude Nashiko translates to ‘good for nothing girl’ took images of her vagina as part of a crowd funding campaign to make a kayak shaped like her genitalia.

A look back at the best World Cup memes of 2014

World Cup 2014

Germany were crowned world champions for the fourth time in their history, beating Argentina in a closely fought game in the 2014 World Cup Final.

Mario Gotze’s extra time winner means that Joachim Low’s side are the first European country to win the World Cup on South American soil. After beating the hosts Brazil 7-1 in their semi-final game on Tuesday, Germany were the favourites to win, but the game was a tight affair only settled after Gotze’s 113th minute goal consigned Argentina to defeat.

When Adventurous Sex Goes Wrong


According to a recent survey by an online pharmacy 67% of Britons believe that they are more ‘sexually adventurous’ than their partner. Liking to get freaky in bed, it seems we are a nation of adventurous lovers, with one partner more than the other liking to take sexual adventures to the next level. (more…)

Naked man dies of electrocution after climbing on top of moving train

train death

A man has died after electrocuting himself on Friday afternoon as he climbed onto the roof of a moving train with no clothes on. The naked man, thought to be in his mid-20’s was a passenger on the train and climbed onto the roof of the carriage as the train pulled into Balaclava station, Melbourne, Australia, he died instantly.

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