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Spraying weed killer on artichokes lands feuding sisters in court

It had been a long running dispute between two sisters, which began over the care of their mother and ended up with one of the two being convicted for causing criminal damage. After magistrates had listened to the evidence that the younger of the two sisters, Gillian Leeden, 62, deliberately targeted her sister Lindsey Glassett’s prized veg patch with weed killer, they found her guilty of criminal damage, gave her a conditional discharge, ordered her to pay £5 compensation for the Jerusalem artichokes she destroyed and £325 in court costs.

The court heard from Ms Glasset that she had been away for the weekend and came back to see the artichokes which she had lovingly cared for blackened and obviously dying and she called in the police. (more…)

Mary F McCormick

Disgraced teacher had sex with pupil aged 13 years

A 32 year old female teacher is to appear in court accused of the rape of a thirteen year old pupil. It all apparently started as a dare when the boy was egged on by a friend to contact the teacher at home and they watched films together with a friend of the boy at her apartment. It seems that the teacher and the boy allegedly had sex after the friend left.

12 year old boy shot dead by police in Cleveland

tamir rice

So America and their gun law have claimed another victim, this time it is a twelve year old boy, killed as he brandished what turned out to be a fake gun. Police responded to an emergency call when a boy was reported to be waving “what might be a fake” gun in a children’s’ playground.The man that called police said the boy was a swings and pointing a pistol that was “probably fake” and scaring everyone pulling the gun in and out of his waistband. (more…)

The most hated christmas gift revealed as underwear – you have been warned!

weird underwear

It’s that time of year again, most of the nation have been thinking about it for the past few weeks if not months: Christmas shopping time. The go to option for many people is the good old gift of underwear, whether it’s socks from your grandma or sexy lingerie for your other half. But it turns out that the majority of people don’t want to receive underwear for Christmas, in fact a huge 42% of men would rather receive some sort of gadget, and 39% of women would prefer to get a gift voucher and choose their own gift. (more…)

Now Kim Kardashian West is Naked – Full Frontal NSFW


If you haven’t seen enough of Kim Kardashian West from the sex tape or the nearly nude selfies and belfies she posts on Instagram then fear not because you can now see pretty much all of the goods as her nude photo shoot for Paper magazine has been shared in all it glory! After she showed off the cover photo of her rather round arse which then produced a huge amount of amusing memes, she also shared a full frontal shots so you can see will probably more of her than you wanted!

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