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Eagle eyed traffic wardens fail to spot dead man in car they ticketed

Traffic wardens are seemingly capable of spotting a parking meter that has expired from 100 metres, so it is a surprise that they did not spot a dead man in the driving seat of a car that they ticketed, not once but twice!

This happened in Brooklyn New York after the car was found on the wrong side of the road in a street that alternated between left and right for parking. The man, Mamadou Barry is said to have died of natural causes, but it has left the authorities wondering how traffic wardens failed to see his body, which was found in his vehicle on Wednesday lunchtime June 24th.


Man arrested after breaking leg while having sex with a horse

Cirilo Castillo Jr

A man has been arrested in Texas after breaking his leg while having sex with a horse. It is not the first time Cirilo Castillo Jr has been arrested for sexual behaviour with a horse, as he has served two previous sentences, but it is the first time that the horse has got its own back.

Tofu loving man has 420 kidney stones removed in two hour surgery

back pain

We imagine that anyone who has suffered from having the odd kidney stone will have some sympathy for a man who had to endure two hours of surgery to remove not the odd stone, but 420 of them!

The man He Dong attended his local hospital, the Dongyang People’s Hospital in Jinhua city of East China’s Zhejiang province, completely doubled up in pain. He underwent a CT scan which revealed that the cause was due to an accumulation of stones in his left kidney. The 55 year old had surgery on his kidney which lasted two hours during which the surgeons removed the stones by forceps one at a time. (more…)

Woman jailed for loud sex noises


Well It sound as though she really was enjoying her sex, so much so that it has landed her in Jail for a couple of weeks after a Judge, in Birmingham, said she was satisfied that during the early hours of 29th January, the time being at around 5am, the defendant was guilty of screaming and shouting whilst having sex at a level of noise which caused nuisance or annoyance.

General Election 2015 – What would a coalition child look like?

coalition main1

It’s time to vote in the UK General Election and the possibility of another coalition government seems like a likely outcome, but what would a coalition child look like?

Online voucher code website have been busy imagining what the main party leaders children would look like with some amusing results. Check out the child morphs below: (more…)

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