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HSBC to move jobs to Europe after Brexit

It should come as no surprise to the financial world that banking giant HSBC has announced that it intends to move many of its staff from London to continental Europe following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union when agreement with the other 27 countries finally becomes a reality.

HSBC was one of a number of companies that warned before the referendum on membership of the EU took place on June 23rd 2016, that a number of jobs could move to Europe should the result of the referendum not favour remaining within the EU. We have not had any suggestion from any of the others as yet; perhaps they may be waiting to see if the UK’s negotiators are able to secure favourable terms for our financial institutions, exporters and other interested parties before committing to a move. (more…)

German doctors advise the public walk the way penguins do when on ice


Bob Lowden, an American music composer, wrote a stirring march called Penguins on Parade, now we are not sure if this inspired a group from the German Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery to advise people to mimic penguins when the footpaths are covered in ice, no we think that there was another very good reason.

Selfie seeking tourist bitten by crocodile in Thailand


Hang on a moment will you whilst I take a selfie, it must have happened to you at some time, because mankind, well those under a certain age, seemed to have become obsessed with the narcissistic behaviour of taking pictures of themselves, if possibly with a celebrity of some sort near them.

Elf porn searches make a sharp increase before Christmas


Well it appears that the search for porn does not stop at Christmas, in fact the users at Pornhub step up their activities looking for niche items such as elf porn’ which is up 464%, likewise “bad Santa” showed an impressive 395% increase, but it was the more sinister sounding “Santa’s little helper” which was the daddy of them all by showing a staggering upturn of 808%, very tasty we think!

driving phone

Mobile phones could be blocked for use in cars

The mobile phone today is a “must have” item and even in the smallest of towns or villages, it is normal to see a person using one. It was, however, not always this way because it was for use in motor vehicles that he early mobile was first envisaged using radio telephony developed during and shortly after World War2, not the modern cellular network of today.

Study finds that rock music can make men lose at board games


Upon reading the report that was recently published by London’s Imperial College and the Royal College of Music, you might be forgiven for thinking that it was being elitist to suggest that men, and yes it is only men, who lose concentration when listening to rock music, but not classical pieces from someone such as Mozart.

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