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McChicken sandwich

Man has sex with a McChicken sandwich, the internet is not impressed

We have to say that the internet can, at times, be a very scary place and should you have ventured onto it and noticed that McChicken was very prominent, there is a very good reason and one which you may not wish to investigate further!

The eagle eyed ones that picked up a video that went viral, shows a man having sex with one of McD’s sandwiches, yes you have read that correctly, he videoed himself shown quite literally copulating with the mayonnaise-covered, bread-and-fried-chicken delight. Now very thankfully the man’s face is never revealed, why would you want to see that anyway when you can see the pervert sticking his dong into Mr Mac’s best? (more…)

wheelie bins

The waste and recycling ‘bin police’ are here to check through your recycling

A book was published in 1949 written by George Orwell, an excerpt reads “”It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen yet he is uncertain of the true date, given the regime’s continual rewriting and manipulation of history”. The novel was named “Nineteen Eighty-Four” and one of the often repeated quotations, taken from posters of the party leader, Big Brother, which bears the caption “Big Brother is watching you” which dominate cities in “Airstrip One” otherwise known as Britain.

Brazil police seize passports of three Olympic officials allegedly involved in illegal ticket sales scam

Olympic Rings

There is nothing that is new about “touts” buying tickets for popular events and then selling them on for a much higher price than their face value. So it will have come as no surprise that this has happened at the recent Rio Olympics, although in this case they could have had their “fingers burned” as from television coverage, it appears that most events had masses of empty seats.

Maiden flight at last for Airlander 10 the longest aircraft

Airlander 10

The flight of this part plane, part helicopter, part airship was due to take place on Sunday the 14th of August, but due to technical difficulties, which could not be resolved in time for a daylight flight; this meant that the much anticipated event had to be postponed.

Prostitution moves online and into the smartphone era


Back in the “dark ages” before the mobile ‘phone, even further back from the all singing, all dancing smartphone, if a man wanted to contact “a lady of the night” he had the option of visiting well known areas where prostitutes may hang around waiting for trade, or look in the classified advertisements’ for “escorts”, as they were known.

Why has the Olympic diving pool turned green?

Olympic Diving

Well it is highly unlikely that someone has “peed after a spectacular dive, but the fact that the water was a dark shade of green instead of bright blue, has brought a massive response on social media, most of it not very complementary either!


Famed flamingo Pinky put down after man attacked it at Busch Gardens in Tampa

We all probably remember the playground bully; some of us might have been the target of one and for some reason, unknown to rational thinking people, it must give the bully a sense of superiority over others. Now if the target of the bully is another human, there is always the chance that the perpetrator will get a taste of their own medicine, but in the case of an animal they are defenceless.

Chaos at key Olympic venue which officials fear will not be ready to open on Friday


Has there ever been a time when officials have not been worried that the venues for the Olympic Games would be completed before the athletes paraded around the main stadium? Well of course, we cannot imagine that the ancient Greeks concerned themselves with these 3,000 years ago, or for that matter, the French in 1924 for the Paris Games which were depicted in the Chariots of Fire film. It is recent times when the problems of getting all the venues for the various events completed have occurred, possibly due to each country somehow trying to make their Olympics bigger and better than the last one.

Dinosaur skeletons are in danger of becoming extinct – because of the sun.

Museum of Natural History

It was around 200 million years ago that dinosaurs roamed the earth, they probably were just one of the few creatures that existed in those times. Eventually they became extinct, the exact reasons for this are not fully know, but it is now believed in some circles, backed by new research, that two warming pulses in Earth’s ocean temperatures corresponded to the times of both the volcanic eruptions and the giant impact that wiped out dinosaurs. In other words it was climate change!

Kidnappers demand £28 million for the release of Bernie Ecclestone’s Mother-in Law

Bernie Ecclestone

It has been reported that the ransom demand for the release of Aparecida Schunk , 67, the mother of Bernie Ecclestone’s wife Fabiana Flosi, captured near her home in São Paulo, is the largest ever made. Well we suppose if the demand is made upon the UK’s fourth richest person, who has a reputed fortune of £3.2 billion, you are not going to ask for small change, are you!

Fashion student uses DNA from late fashion icon Alexander McQueen to grow human leather for Pure Human fashion collection

Pure Human

Alexander McQueen was a graduate of Central Saint Martins which is a world leading centre for art and design education and another graduate of that famous institution, Tina Gorjanc, from Slovenia, has experimented and developed the idea of creating a collection made from ‘human leather,’ which is made in a laboratory using McQueen’s DNA. This was extracted from one of his hairs which McQueen used in the labels of his own first collection and the owner of these pieces had agreed to give her one hair in order to extract his genetic information for her research. Tina is not in any way “phased” by the process and claims that there is nothing creepy about it. Explaining she said: “You use a process which is called de-extinction, in which a biological agent is applied to the hair in the form of liquid and you extract certain genetic information from this,” well it’s all in a day’s work we suppose. (more…)

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