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Bernie Ecclestone

Kidnappers demand £28 million for the release of Bernie Ecclestone’s Mother-in Law

It has been reported that the ransom demand for the release of Aparecida Schunk , 67, the mother of Bernie Ecclestone’s wife Fabiana Flosi, captured near her home in São Paulo, is the largest ever made. Well we suppose if the demand is made upon the UK’s fourth richest person, who has a reputed fortune of £3.2 billion, you are not going to ask for small change, are you!

Fabiana’s mother was snatched close to her home on Friday night and it is understood that the kidnappers are in contact with the Ecclestone family. The kidnappers have made a stipulation in their demand that the money is paid in pounds sterling; also that it is split into four separate bags. Now is this because there are four kidnappers, or maybe carrying a parcel with £28 million inside might be rather conspicuous. Not knowing what a pile of money amounting to a £1 million looks like, never mind one twenty eight times bigger is difficult to envisage. (more…)

Pure Human

Fashion student uses DNA from late fashion icon Alexander McQueen to grow human leather for Pure Human fashion collection

Alexander McQueen was a graduate of Central Saint Martins which is a world leading centre for art and design education and another graduate of that famous institution, Tina Gorjanc, from Slovenia, has experimented and developed the idea of creating a collection made from ‘human leather,’ which is made in a laboratory using McQueen’s DNA. This was extracted from one of his hairs which McQueen used in the labels of his own first collection and the owner of these pieces had agreed to give her one hair in order to extract his genetic information for her research. Tina is not in any way “phased” by the process and claims that there is nothing creepy about it. Explaining she said: “You use a process which is called de-extinction, in which a biological agent is applied to the hair in the form of liquid and you extract certain genetic information from this,” well it’s all in a day’s work we suppose. (more…)

Mama Cass speaks from beyond the grave!


Mama Cass, also known as Cass Elliot from the iconic 1960’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band The Mamas and the Papas, died on July 29th 1974. However, recently, the famed singer has come back from beyond the grave thanks to Medium Fleur, a well-known medium who travels the globe.

Terrorist mows down crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice


France has had more than her fair share of terrorist attacks, there is still a state of emergency in France following on from the mass slaughter of about 150 people in Paris. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve pointed out: “We are at war with terrorists who want to strike us at any cost and who are extremely violent.”

Theresa May pledges to solve the migrant crisis

Theresa May

The new Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, will receive the Royal Seal of approval at some time after 5pm on Wednesday 13th July, to become only the second female Prime Minster in the country’s history. In the recent referendum campaign, Mrs May was on the side of the remain campaign, but it has to be said that she was not one of the vociferous ones at the forefront of the television and newspaper columns; many believe that her support could have been lukewarm.

Pubic Hair Dress

From Skittles to Pubic Hair, Sarah Bryan shows off her bizarre dress material choices

It is possible that you have been overwhelmed by what dress material to choose for your forthcoming summer wedding and cannot decided whether to choose between Satin, Charmeuse, Chiffon, Organza, Tulle, or even Lace, will it have a traditional veil, will it be white, cream? Well here is one that we feel sure you may not have considered, the downside is that it is highly unlikely to be the preferred choice of white or cream; it is of course pubic hair!

Man arrested after trying to scan his PENIS on supermarket self-service checkout

self service checkout

When I was still “wet behind the ears” mobile telephones and supermarket scanners were still a “pipe dream” in the minds of the technical whiz kids, we gazed in amazement at the huge shiny new Xerox copier in the general office at my place of gainful employment. Now the trick in those days, performed by the joker, that was to be found in every office, was to sit on the machine minus trousers and underpants and pin the result of the magic photo copy in some conspicuous place.


trump clinton main

With our American friends about to head into a historical election to see who will become the next President of the United States, a cheeky 3D printing pen company has come up with a novel way of showing your allegiance by creating 3D-printed action figures of the two candidates fighting!

Bizarre video show man having sex with road New Zealand style!

sex road

We have heard of sexual frustration but what has been shown on a 32 second clip might be better described as desperation or getting the “hump” as the video clearly shows a man working off his carnal pleasure, not enjoying the experience with another person, but on the road!

UB40 fan strips off and started singing on train tracks


They were big in the 80’s and UB40 the Birmingham reggae band had a string of hits, 50 in all, selling over 70 million records, before they were declared insolvent in 2011. They obviously were remembered by one fan who decided that he would strip down to next to nothing and then claiming he had a gun, started singing the UB40 reggae songs to the perplexed bystanders, who probably just wanted to get home after a long day. (more…)

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