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isle of Colonsay

Ice bucket challenge causes Hebridean isle of Colonsay to run out of water

We must have all heard about the latest craze, the ice bucket challenge and many of us have been involved in it. However, the craze, which has gone viral has caused absolute chaos to the 135 residents of the island of Colonsay problems as they are left without water. There is a brewery on this tiny Island and water engineers were called out to it five times over the last weekend, David Johnston commented that the challenge has spread round the island like wild fire! Because of the huge demand placed upon it at around Sunday evening, the water system shut down because it thought that a water main had burst! The system is automatic, but it can be over ridden manually and this happened on four or five occasions on Sunday! (more…)

Dog elected as Mayor in Minnesota

Dog Mayor

We have heard some strange stories and one that was in all the news media way back in 2002 was how a monkey was elected as Mayor for the unitary authority of Hartlepool. Now of course it wasn’t really a monkey but Start Drummond dressed in his Hartlepool United Football Club, mascot suit as a monkey, the club is nicknamed the Monkey Hangers by their rivals. This came about because during the Napoleonic wars, the residents are famously said to have hanged a monkey because they thought it was a French spy. The mascot’s vote-winning slogan was free bananas for schoolchildren!

Are these the best celebrity beach bodies? Brits choose celebs body parts to create the ultimate beach body

As if you didn’t feel bad enough about your body, has come up with the best combined beach celebrity bodies. As part of their widespread research into all aspects of British life, including body and health issues My Voucher Codes polled both men and women in the UK to find out which British celebrity body parts would make up the ultimate beach body, and some of the answers are startling.

Woman finds IKEA bags stuffed with the remains of 80 people

IKEA bone bags

We have all heard IKEA jokes since the famous Swedish store first appeared on British high streets and shopping malls, how you can find your way in to the store, but have to go round in ever decreasing circles to get out, but what would you expect to find in a stash of big blue IKEA bags?

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