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Your phone getting hit by malware could be down to you and your favourite celebrity

The reason that your smartphone may have been devastated by malware can be down to the simple reason that you have been searching for your favourite celebrity, well at least one of a number that security specialist Intel have listed.

The number one “culprit” is apparently Elle Goulding, at least in the last twelve months according to Intel. The company has revealed that the singer is the number one on the list of celebrity searching British fans when it comes to being hit by malware of viruses. The way that it works is not exactly “rocket science” and has been known to internet savvy people and security programmers for some time. Hackers will use the celebrity as a platform for users to entice web users to click onto websites or links that hide malicious programmes. (more…)

Rare dodo skeleton to be sold at auction


Although it was a bird, it could not fly and it was said to have existed only in Mauritius in the late 16th and early 17th century, last seen by Dutch sailors at around that time on the island. Soon after the early sightings, it became, well, as “dead as a dodo”.

The Jury finally reaches a verdict in The Archers trial

Justice scales

It was by a majority verdict, but it was one which the millions of followers of the long running radio soap had wanted, but feared may not happen, Helen Titchener (née Archer) was found not guilty of attempting to murder her husband Rob. The episode in which this was all played out was an hour in length, instead of the usual 12½-minutes, the first time in the long 65 year old history of the radio drama.

The waste and recycling ‘bin police’ are here to check through your recycling

wheelie bins

A book was published in 1949 written by George Orwell, an excerpt reads “”It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen yet he is uncertain of the true date, given the regime’s continual rewriting and manipulation of history”. The novel was named “Nineteen Eighty-Four” and one of the often repeated quotations, taken from posters of the party leader, Big Brother, which bears the caption “Big Brother is watching you” which dominate cities in “Airstrip One” otherwise known as Britain.

Brazil police seize passports of three Olympic officials allegedly involved in illegal ticket sales scam

Olympic Rings

There is nothing that is new about “touts” buying tickets for popular events and then selling them on for a much higher price than their face value. So it will have come as no surprise that this has happened at the recent Rio Olympics, although in this case they could have had their “fingers burned” as from television coverage, it appears that most events had masses of empty seats.

Maiden flight at last for Airlander 10 the longest aircraft

Airlander 10

The flight of this part plane, part helicopter, part airship was due to take place on Sunday the 14th of August, but due to technical difficulties, which could not be resolved in time for a daylight flight; this meant that the much anticipated event had to be postponed.

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