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Naked man stuck on a drawbridge gets himself very burnt

Anyone who has been to Florida will know that it can become extremely hot and we would imagine that it is not a good idea to wander around without clothes and sun protection, but this is what one man did and suffered the consequences.

He actually went further than just wander about, he somehow got himself on top of a 100-foot tall drawbridge this weekend in Fort Lauderdale, he did not mean to be there he was wandering and found himself at the top of the bridge!

He was on top of the bridge for some time not knowing how to get off and continue with his wanderings, but as you can imagine when the police finally managed to get to him, he was distinctly salmon coloured. As a member of the fire service put it: “Once you’re up there, I would imagine you realise that you don’t want to be up there anymore.” (more…)

General Election 2015 – What would a coalition child look like?

coalition main1

It’s time to vote in the UK General Election and the possibility of another coalition government seems like a likely outcome, but what would a coalition child look like?

Online voucher code website have been busy imagining what the main party leaders children would look like with some amusing results. Check out the child morphs below: (more…)

parking meter

Judge bans petty thief from using coin operated machines

Russell Stansfield from Oldham has a long history of petty theft and this week was slapped with a Criminal Behavioural Order. He was caught stealing money from a parking meter close to Oldham hospital earlier this year and he confessed in court to having committed the same offence any times.

Computer says NOOOOO! Frustrated man shoots his computer eight times

computer bullet

We must have all felt like it at times when the computer we are using runs slowly and you watch the tiny circle going round and round whilst you sit, getting more angry as you wait for the page to appear. However few, we imagine, would go to the lengths that Lucas Hinch did in Colorado Springs when he became so angry and frustrated because ctrl+alt+delete would not re-boot his computer, he took the computer outside and shot it, not once, but eight times.

Lamb with human face terrifies villagers

lamb human face

Villagers in Dagestan, Russia have been terrified by a lamb which had just been born with a human face, and apparently resembles Jigsaw from Saw, the lamb also gave the farmer the shock of his life. The sheep farmer in the Russian Village had been waiting all week for the birth of the lamb but was certainly not expecting what he saw at the birth.

KFC and a side order of porn!


A man got a very different side order with his KFC bargain bucket when he noticed that the restaurant was showing an X-rated movie on the TV screens. Gerard Whalen filmed the event on his phone and uploaded it onto his YouTube account.

Parents outraged by the use of historic train carriages for hardcore porn film

porn train main

How would you feel if you took the kids for a day out to a vintage railway that is used as a Santa Special and Peppa Pig meets and greets, only to hear that it has been used as a set for a hardcore porn film? The American adult film company, Brazzers, shot the 28-minute pornographic film on the Epping Ongar Railway a heritage railway in Essex

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