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Brazilian Wandering spider

Brazilian Wandering spider found in Waitrose home delivery

Not exactly what you thought you may find from Britain’s top supermarket Waitrose, but it does go to show that when they say their bananas are from Brazil, well they surely are.

It all happened to a shocked South London family that had received a home delivery from Waitrose, when they discovered the world’s most lethal spider in a bunch of bananas that the father of two was unpacking. Shocked, he dropped the bananas into a fruit bowl, managing to trap the spider by the leg in the process. Looking up the spider he was horrified to find out just how deadly it was and he and his wife called Waitrose.

A staff member was quickly on the scene only to discover that the deadly arachnid had pulled off one of its legs in order to escape and had disappeared, leaving behind a present of a sac full of thousands of baby spiders. (more…)

stuck in train

Mind the train doors, well you should in Russia

Horrific pictures of a Russian pensioner stuck in the doors of an underground train shocked waiting passengers as the train left the station at Dmitrovskaya near Moscow, four miles later to arrive at the next station.

Woman finds 3 inch leech in her nose after Asia holiday


It’s hard to imagine that you could have a 3 inch creature in your nose for a month and not realise it! Well a backpacker from Scotland who had been seeing the sights of Vietnam and Cambodia found on returning home that a leech had found a nice comfortable new home in her nose!

Dwarf stripper gets bride-to-be pregnant on her hen night


Hen nights, as well as Stag nights, can be great fun and the participants’ often get up to all sorts of innocent mischief, but we imagine few hen nights will have the consequences that befell a Spanish bride to be, who confessed she had slept with a dwarf stripper on hers!

The lure of a “Big Mac” and a bunch of flowers leads two girls into trouble

Luke Maslen

We all love a Big Mac and the ladies love to get flowers, but for two teenage girls it was going to take them into adventures with a school teacher that would eventually send him to prison.

The two girls, one of whom was below 16 years at the time were, unknown to them, being groomed by flirty Twitter messages being sent to them, followed up by trips to McDonalds. The twenty four year old school teacher, Luke Maslen eventually had sex with both pupils, neither of whom can be named for legal reasons.

North Yorkshire rollercoaster decapitates deer – covers passengers in blood

Ultimate rollercoaster

People love it, some have severe reservations, but passengers riding on the Ultimate rollercoaster in North Yorkshire got more than their share of excitement on Saturday.

The Ultimate ride at Lightwater Valley theme park near the city of Ripon is one of the most popular in the world and the longest rollercoaster in Europe and has a track length of 1.5 miles with a terrifying drop of one hundred feet, it first opened in 1991 and it is fair to say that it has had a number of incidents in that time.


38% of 18 to 24 year olds have sent an inappropriate selfie while 87% of parents believe that their child hasn’t or wouldn’t

Taking naked selfies has become a hot topic over the last month after hundreds of celebrities got their iCloud’s hacked, private photos stolen and distributed over the internet. Online voucher code website My Voucher Codes wanted to find out the public’s stance on naked selfies and if they had ever send any inappropriate selfies as part of their ongoing research into the impact of social media and technology on our lives.

£20,000 and three breasts to get a job on MTV

3 boobs main

It seems that some people will go to complete extremes to work on television, but we think that Jasmine Tridevil has gone a lot further than most people would consider. The basis is that she wanted to make herself look less attractive to men in order to land a job on MTV, according to an interview she had with Real Radio 104.1

Funny News – The way not to look on a driving license!

Shawna Hammond

Have you noticed that driving license and passport photographs always seem to make you look, well not at all like you do?

Well the latest one spotted by US authorities, it couldn’t have been anywhere else could it, was a picture of a woman wearing a colander on her head! The lady said it was her religion that required her to wear the colander and the authorities agreed to it. The person concerned is a member of the Pasterfarian religion and in case you have no idea what that is and you would not be on your own, it is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster which is known as Pasterfarian, made up from pasta and Rasterfarium! So what it is then, according to the media, is a parody of religion! (more…)

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