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Police in Florida called out to deal with some monkey business

The police in all countries are often called upon to deal with emergencies of all descriptions, but we imagine that calling the emergency number and requesting that they deal with a monkey eating the mail from the box is a rarity.

Now dealing with “monkey business” involving members of the public is probably an everyday occurrence, but when it involves a member of the animal kingdom they are probably less well equipped and untrained to do. (more…)


Man shoots himself in the penis, now that had to hurt!

Some people are guilty of doing some strange things, but shooting at one’s own manhood has to be one of the strangest, that is if he really meant it.

The story that he gave to the hospital where he was being treated, the Avera McKennan in Sioux Fall South Dakota, and the police who were investigating the shooting, was that he was robbed while putting out of his rubbish for the bin men.

Service to preserve tattooed skin after death launched


It could be thought of has macabre by some, whilst others may consider it a wonderful thing to have a loved one’s tattooed skin preserved and framed after they had died.

Body art or tattooing is a controversial subject and there are many that have had tattoos, often when they have perhaps been away with a group of friends and indulged in too much drink, only to regret it later. Conversely, many thousands are rightly proud of their body art and admire the skill of the artist who created it and it is these people that the new service, Save My Ink is aimed at. The company is actually called the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art, which will allow them to have their skin removed and preserved for the benefit of their loved ones left behind. (more…)

Fire brigade called to early Christmas pudding fire after it bursts into flames in microwave

Christmas Pudding

It was in 1973 that pop star Wizzard released his hit song “I wish it could be Christmas every day” and for a family in Barnstable in Devon, they were indeed celebrating an early Christmas treat by having the traditional pudding. This is when disaster struck when the delightful treat caught fire in the microwave cooker; this resulted in the Devon and Somerset Fire Brigade being called out to deal with the blaze.

Siren less police cars are risking people’s lives


Because many new police cars do not have the familiar siren fitted to them due to budget cuts, it could be causing police drivers to drive more slowly and poses a risk to the public according to the police federation in the West Midlands. According to this professional body, criminals are being allowed to get away because the police have been equipped with cars which have no sirens and cannot break the speed limit. The cars with which they are equipped are Vauxhall Corsa and it is not as though these cars are particularly slow, in fact they are capable of a speed of 129 miles per hour according to Car Buyer magazine.

31 year old man avoids jail after drawing penises on Ikea walls


The furniture giant Ikea gives out free pencils so that customers can mark down items on an order pad, but some strange people put them to other uses. One person, an un-named man, decided that it would be fun to draw penises onto walls shelving and display furniture throughout the Aalborg, Denmark store, but eagle eyed staff followed him through a trail of crude genitalia drawings.


Horse stabbed and sexually assaulted in Scotland

Police in Scotland are on the lookout for a person who attacked a horse in a field in the New Pitsglow area that took place on Sunday night. The owner of the horse is naturally distraught and has urged other owners in the area to check to see if the animals that they own are in any way injured and if so to get in touch with the police.

Sex offender escapes Norwegian Jail on a surf board

Bastoy Prison

With the conditions which have been reported about the Bastoy Low Security Prison on a small picturesque island in Norway, it is a wonder that prisoners try to escape. The prison is well known for the organic farming which is carried out by inmates, who have a relaxed regime which includes watching movies, going cycling, using the local beaches, the prison has no fences and is held up as an example of Norway’s emphasis on humane incarceration policies.

Man starts huge fire after the call of nature beckons during bike ride

toilet rolls

There are places in the world where the grass, undergrowth and heather is tinder dry and although the rain has been falling on this fair isle for several weeks, there are times when the moors are at risk of fire danger because of a carelessly discarded cigarette, or a camp fire that has not been extinguished properly.

Woman caught cheating on her husband with Simon Cowell lookalike dwarf

simon cowell dwarf

It’s one thing to find out that your wife has been having an affair, but it’s another when you find out the person she is sleeping with is a Simon Cowell lookalike dwarf. Peter Garside told the Sunday Sport that the miniature lookalike, Graham Harding wrecked his marriage with wife Rachel after finding out about the affair.

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