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Sam Hobley

Estate agent spared jail after sexual assault

Strange things do happen at student parties and naturally drink does come into the equation. However what happened to one student nearly landed an estate agent who was at the party a spell in prison.

It all happened at a house in Nottingham when the estate agent in question, Sam Hobley, filmed his friend John Luke Dale slapping the drunken student, asleep at the time, in the face with his penis. Using his mobile phone Hobley filmed his mate as he stripped to his boxers and shoved his manhood, into the students face and slapping her across the cheek. (more…)

The most hated christmas gift revealed as underwear – you have been warned!

weird underwear

It’s that time of year again, most of the nation have been thinking about it for the past few weeks if not months: Christmas shopping time. The go to option for many people is the good old gift of underwear, whether it’s socks from your grandma or sexy lingerie for your other half. But it turns out that the majority of people don’t want to receive underwear for Christmas, in fact a huge 42% of men would rather receive some sort of gadget, and 39% of women would prefer to get a gift voucher and choose their own gift. (more…)

Now Kim Kardashian West is Naked – Full Frontal NSFW


If you haven’t seen enough of Kim Kardashian West from the sex tape or the nearly nude selfies and belfies she posts on Instagram then fear not because you can now see pretty much all of the goods as her nude photo shoot for Paper magazine has been shared in all it glory! After she showed off the cover photo of her rather round arse which then produced a huge amount of amusing memes, she also shared a full frontal shots so you can see will probably more of her than you wanted!

Male burglar caught admiring himself in the victim’s knickers

knicker burglar

It seems that some burglars will do anything to get some kicks, but this particular burglar was caught on camera rummaging through a ladies underwear drawer and putting on her knickers. The pervert was caught on camera walking about the room in the ladies small panties admiring himself in the mirror as he tried on a few.

Firemen wear gas masks to rescue 25 stone man who hadn’t washed for 5 years


We have all read or heard about firemen having to rescue pet cats, rescue people trapped in floods and such like, but in Germany recently we believe this one has to be amongst the most odd.

For neighbours in a block of flats near Stuttgart, they must have thought that they were being subjected to a chemical attack as they saw a group of fire fighters approaching their homes wearing gas masks and protective suits, but what they were in fact doing was rescuing a morbidly obese man that had not washed in five years. He weighed in at a massive 25 stones and was found amongst a pile of rubbish. A neighbour heard tapping on her ceiling and called in the rescue services. (more…)

It’s Halloween, so here’s some true stories that are worse than fiction


It’s Halloween, a time for trick or treating and telling ghosts stories, but sometimes fact is weirder than fiction. Our researchers have found some shocking true stories that just have to be read to be believed, here they are: House of horrors (H.H. Holmes) Dr Henry Howard Holmes was one of the first widely publicised American serial killers. He confessed to killing 27 people, although it is thought that his body count could be as high as 200. (more…)

Australian woman charged with bestiality

Brisbane Magistrates Court

We hear about some odd things from around the world, but this latest one that has just come out of Australia is straight from the top drawer of odd events.

Apparently a 25 year old woman has been charged with having sex with her dog and has appeared in Brisbane court charged on three counts of bestiality. If that was not enough she has also been accused of trafficking and being in possession of a dangerous drug. Police claim to have found videos which allegedly show her having sex with her dog.It seems that it was when police were investigating the text messages they located the videos of Driscoll allegedly having sex with the dog.  (more…)

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