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£20,000 and three breasts to get a job on MTV

It seems that some people will go to complete extremes to work on television, but we think that Jasmine Tridevil has gone a lot further than most people would consider. The basis is that she wanted to make herself look less attractive to men in order to land a job on MTV, according to an interview she had with Real Radio 104.1

ASOS caught in the act – Photoshop boobs

Everybody knows it’s done, but only few say anything about it: airbrushing models to make your clothes sell better. In a world where big boobs and tiny waists are seen by many as perfection, a smaller than average straight up-and-down figure just isn’t going to cut it or do your products any favours. So ASOS have been named as a culprit and are just another retailer to join the Photoshop Wall of Shame.

Teenager hit by car after flashing breasts

Teenager hit by car after flashing breasts

A drunken New Zealand teenager will have woken up with more than a hangover to deal with, Cherelle Dudfield 18 was dared by her friends to flash her breasts at passing cars after a night out drinking, she exposed herself to a couple of cars while standing on a strip in the middle of the road. However the joke went wrong when a car she was flashing at came towards her after been distracted by her breasts, the teenager decided to run but got hit by it. Luckily Cherelle who rolled across the bonnet of the car and cracked the windscreen only suffered a couple of cuts and bruises.

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