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A man confesses on live TV to the rape and murder of a four year old girl

It is a very sad fact that there are some deranged men that appear to take a sadistic pleasure from satisfying their sexual gratification with young children, even infants. We are not aware of the motives of one man, Himmet Akturk, but he has admitted on a live television programme to the rape and murder of a four year old girl in the Alasehir district of western Turkey’s Manisa Province.

Kidnappers demand £28 million for the release of Bernie Ecclestone’s Mother-in Law

It has been reported that the ransom demand for the release of Aparecida Schunk , 67, the mother of Bernie Ecclestone’s wife Fabiana Flosi, captured near her home in São Paulo, is the largest ever made. Well we suppose if the demand is made upon the UK’s fourth richest person, who has a reputed fortune of £3.2 billion, you are not going to ask for small change, are you!

Man arrested after trying to scan his PENIS on supermarket self-service checkout

When I was still “wet behind the ears” mobile telephones and supermarket scanners were still a “pipe dream” in the minds of the technical whiz kids, we gazed in amazement at the huge shiny new Xerox copier in the general office at my place of gainful employment. Now the trick in those days, performed by the joker, that was to be found in every office, was to sit on the machine minus trousers and underpants and pin the result of the magic photo copy in some conspicuous place.

Shoppers stunned as they watch man urinating into a freezer at Morrisons

The behaviour of some people takes a lot of believing at times, but what shoppers witnessed at a Morrisons Store in Stockport stretched the imagination beyond belief. According to witnesses, not content with his disgraceful performance at one of the freezer cabinets, he also went around the store breaking wine bottles whilst wandering around.

Man kills friend when he was convinced he was turning into a zombie after binge watching The Walking Dead

A New Mexico man, Damon Perry explained to investigators that he had been watching TV show The Walking Dead and saw his friend change into a zombie and then beat him to death. The 23 year old man of Prewitt, New Mexico, is charged with murder of Christopher Paquin, also 23, by kicking, punching stabbing him with sharp objects as well as bludgeoning him with a guitar and a microwave oven.

Horse stabbed and sexually assaulted in Scotland

Police in Scotland are on the lookout for a person who attacked a horse in a field in the New Pitsglow area that took place on Sunday night. The owner of the horse is naturally distraught and has urged other owners in the area to check to see if the animals that they own are in any way injured and if so to get in touch with the police.

Surfing competition gets cancelled after surfer gets attacked by a shark!

Mick fanning, a three time surfing champion, was just trying to get his surf on and win another competition in his career when he had a visit from an unexpected shark.

The attack occurred during the final of J-Bay open in South Africa. Mick Fanning, the surfer who got attacked, was not physically injured but he has been a bit rumbled inside his head as to whether he wants to go surfing ever again.

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